Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 : It's all Louis Gray's fault

It was somewhere around early last summer when I began reading Louis Gray's blog.

As time went on, it became part of my daily 'social graph'.

A few months later, Louis and I chatted on the phone and I even broke my own rule and did a 'guest post' on his blog.

For those of you that (have been living in a closet???? and ...) don't know who Louis is, or what he writes about, he spent much of this past year breaking stories on new and unique online products.  Some of them were pretty cool.  Some were probably dead out of the box (or will be).  A few were game-changers.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to play with 'new toys', so as Louis brought them to my attention, I subscribed, commented ... even featured (more than) a few right here.

So now I have a problem.

I'm overconnected?!

I belong to all of these cool services.   I have absolutely no idea which I set to import what.  It's true.  In all honesty, I didn't keep track.  I probably lost the passwords to more than half ....

..... and now I'm getting a few surprises.

Earlier this week, I wrote a passing piece here.  It wasn't one of my best and I decided to delete it. 

Usually, I'll relegate stuff like that to 'draft', and then re-write or decide later.  For some reason, in this case, I just shot it quick, before it was picked up by the 'micro-blog-where-am-I-and whos-got-my-stuff-stream'.

Facebook imported it and published it in it's entirety

I can't even hide when I want to!?

This is Louis' fault too.  Why?  It just is.

So on Christmas Eve, I'm sitting with my wife and daughter wandering around YouTube.  We check out a few old friends and then I show them Louis' babies?  The guy is clear across the country and we really don't know each other as 'real' friends. Is something wrong here?

As I've been sitting here this week, redesigning my own 'social graph' as well as the business help those effected by the downturn, I'm wondering if it's necessary to revisit the gobs of sites importing this blog or my other 'spaces'.  There would be at least 50 password resets as well as reading back my own stuff (and Louis') to figure it all out.

I think I'll just wing it .....