Friday, August 7, 2009

Microsoft - More Windows 7

Over the past 2 months, Microsoft has launched a barrage of information to the public on their upcoming operating system, Windows 7.

Finding the information hasn't been too difficult as they've also done a pretty decent job linking up the variety new websites and blogs, including the most recent (If you haven't seen this, it's a very cool rendering of what Silverlight 3 can do).

Yesterday, another list of new resources was posted to the Windows Team Blog here by Microsoft's Yochay Kiriaty.  A host of tools and resources supporting the RTM (Release to Manufacturing).

The Windows 7 website that still hasn't seen much press (or internal links) and does a great job augmenting the Springboard Series on Technet, is the recently-launched which can be found here ..... Lots of familiar Microsoft faces and more.

For those that haven't tried the RC or weren't able to download the RTM from MSDN or TechNet yesterday (see below), you can get an inside look at Windows 7 with this easy-to-navigate Microsoft website.  Note: The videos are powered by Silverlight which can be downloaded here.

If you weren't able to downloads the RTM yesterday, visit Brandon LeBlanc's updated post to the Windows Team Blog here.  (IE: There's probably a reason).

A few reminders.  Free Downloads of the Windows 7 Release Candidate will terminate on August 20 I recommend downloading a 'spare' if you can find your original DVD and/or don't qualify for the RTM. The RC will be fully functional until March 2010 (and you may decide to install it later).  Keys are still available as well. The shortest path to the RC is here.  If you don't save this post (or print it), just remember It doesn't get any easier.

Microsoft positively has a hit with this latest operating system and the recently released pricing makes it the most affordable in the company's history.

The Windows Team Blog remains the best source of breaking developments and can be subscribed to in RSS, or viewed here. You can follow the team updates on Twitter here.