Monday, October 12, 2009

Muck Rack grows - Adds Beer

One of the more interesting Twitter - based websites launched early this year is Muck Rack.

Well-known by the web's 'social' PR crowd but not so well-known (yet) by the masses, Muck Rack is to Twitter what Alltop is to blogs, or at least that's the direction they appear to be going.

Originally, Muck Rack was an aggregator of Tweets by Journalists.  I often went there (after TechMeMe for my 'tech take'), to see what Journalists around the globe were saying, and writing about.  The site does a pretty good job sorting through the so-called noise.

Muck Rack has matured.  Not only have they added features such as 'Mass Follow' for particular News organizations (and lots more), but scrolling across the top, there's now 'racks' for Designers, Coders, Tech, Celebs (gotta have that one :), Humor, Beauty, Musicians, VCs, Sports, Science, Pets, Travel, Colleges, and yes, Beer.

Hey, Beer is the No. 1 consumed alcoholic beverage in America (and probably recession - proof).  Makes  sense to me?

MuckRack also tracks links.  I found this reference to Louis Gray in No. 1 post position pretty interesting. 

No, it was under Beer, it was under Tech.

So if you're one of the many that have cut your Twitter list down because of spam or just too much noise, you may just find what you're looking for on Muck Rack.

You will find a lot of the people behind the blogs you probably read already.

..... not to mention a slew of beer breweries you probably had no idea existed.