Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Seesmic for Windows previewed at PDC09

It wasn't just new and enhanced Microsoft programs being launched yesterday, the first day of Microsoft's Professional Developer Conference (or PDC09) in Los Angeles.

Loic Le Meur 's team revealed a preview of  'Seesmic for Windows'.  A new version of the popular Twitter client optimized for Windows 7.

I received a copy of the preview bits this morning and did a quick run under Windows 7, and while all the features aren't yet available, the Windows native client seemed much 'lighter' and more responsive than the cross platform version powered by Adobe Air.

Here's a rundown from the Team Seesmic announcement:

"Fully functional with Twitter, we continue to make Seesmic for Windows a simple yet powerful client application:

Manage and posts from multiple twitter accounts
View aggregated Home, Replies, Private and Sent columns.
Create and save searches
View your Twitter lists and create your own groups
Create unlimited columns
Enable choice of multiple image and url shortening services
Manage notification of your messages.

Utilizing the best of what Windows 7 has to offer, Seesmic for Windows provides users managing Twitter the best experience available:
Drag and drop to add user lists
Sleek and Smooth User Interface
Increased performance
Full panel Twitter user profile
Tabbed view of Accounts and Twitter lists"

Facebook support is expected to be added in a few weeks as well.

Not yet in 'general release', you can sign up at the Seesmic website to be among the first to try it when the application is released here.

Excellent coverage of PDC09 is being provided by Microsoft's MSDN Channel 9 here.