Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Google Wants You To Throw a Party to Celebrate Blogger

Google's Blogger has announced 'Blogger Fiesta' ... A world-wide invitation to help celebrate Blogger's 11th anniversary by organizing a meet-up in your area on August 31st.

To help facilitate your meet-up, Google is offering a downloadable party kit but is hinting ... there may be more:

"And who knows, there may even be other treasures and surprises in store."

The new Blogger party website can be found here , as well as their Facebook page here .
(Sidenote: The party webpage is using MeetUp Technology via their API).

The website has everything you need to know to create your very own Blogger Fiesta.

The announcement, made a short time ago, can be found on Blogger's own blog 'Blogger Buzz' here.

Party hats and nametags are cool ... but imagine if they picked up the beer (or wine) tab :)

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