Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Google Opens eBook Store Just In Time For The Holidays

Amazon found the market in late 2007 with the introduction of the first Kindle.

Many doubted it's success.  Others touted it as the next big thing.

Other companies had tried in this space for over a decade but Amazon's Kindle was destined to change the way people read books.

The competition came quickly with Barnes and Noble introducing the Nook and many others including Sony entered the market with numerous devices.

Apple's iPad added to the market disruption and upcoming Android-based tablet computers are destined to do the same thing.

This past year, even die-hard paper book readers have become fans of e-readers, as the latest generation of devices improved features, contrast, connectivity .... and cost A LOT less.

There's a good chance that you may get one of these from someone for the holidays.  A very good chance.

Enter Google.  Their new Google eBookstore is now live on the web.

All of those devices you see lined up in Borders now have a home and a source of millions of books, both current and out-of-print.

Over 3 million.

An excellent take on the publishing 'deals' and more has been posted by Matthew Ingram at GigaOM here.

The official announcement from Google to the Official Google Blog is here ... or ... you can head on over and check out the eBookstore here ... It's live ... for now ... just in the US.

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