Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dell 'looks good' with Studio Hybrid early launch

While rumors circulated this week about Dell being the latest company preparing to take on Apple's iPod, the company surprised almost everyone late yesterday unleashing it's new 'Studio Hybrid' computer line as available now on the Dell website (and expected in retailers by next month).

The Hybrid appears to be looking right at Apple.  One of the most stylish Windows-based computers yet, the tiny and ultra-energy-efficient desktop can be personalized with 6 interchangeable color sleeves or an optional classic bamboo cover.

Starting at just under $500 and customizable from there, the Dell Hybrid sports an Intel Dual Core processor and Intel's new GM45 chipset.

Potentially one of the 'greenest' computers yet, the packaging is made from 95% recyclable materials (and even comes with a recycling kit).  It uses 70% less power than previous Dell desktops, meeting the latest Energy Star 4.0 Standard.

Various configurations are available from 1 to 4 GB of RAM, 160 to 320GB drives, and 1.8 to 2.6 Ghz processors.  All units come with Microsoft Vista SP1, DVI and HDMI ports, a DVD/RW drive, Intel X3100 accelerator graphics, 5.1 ch sound, 8 in 1 card readers, and 1 year of Dell off-site back-up.

Options appear targeted at the home theater crowd with available Blu-Ray Disc, the classic Bamboo cover, a variety of widescreen monitor options, a hybrid video recorder, HDTV receiver, Dell on-board wireless-N networking, and 3 different versions of Microsoft Windows Vista.  A remote control, wireless keyboard and mouse are also available.

Clearly a 'style' and 'green' play, there are some laptops and desktops that are currently near the Hybrid in price with similar specs, although most don't sport the integral HDMI or Blu-Ray Disc ... yet.

You can check it out now at the Hybrid Studio page here.