Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 28 2009 - Earth Hour is on ! (or off?)

Sign Up to Switch Off  - Earth Hour 2009 is here.

Sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund,  Earth Hour 2009 has been developing what is nothing less than an incredible (and continuing) internet buzz throughout most of the day.

Using Twitter, Flicker, YouTube, Friendfeed, Facebook, MySpace and 'member blogs' around the world, the idea is simply to 'go dark' for 1 hour at 8:30 PM (your) local time.

The initiative, started by the World Wildlife Fund, has an ambitious goal of 1 billion participants in 930 cities and 80 countries throughout the day today.

Started in 2007, the event has been growing each year.  A little history can be found in this YouTube video:

There's still time to join in! .... Find out how. Log in to turn off' here.

Update: Google Australia has already taken Earth Hour 2009 to the 'front page':

Update 2: EarthHourUS website is now active here and on Twitter here.

Edited 2 AM ET March 28, 2009