Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This Windows Update Tuesday effects almost everyone

It was one of the first times Microsoft announced a Windows Update in advance.

Today's Microsoft Blog PR campaign kept up the volume, as Redmond rolled out a new batch of security updates, the most prevelent of which were described in Microsoft Security Bulletins MS009-006 and
and MS009-007.

Numerous Microsoft blogs posted links today ... among them the Microsoft Security Response Center, the Microsoft Security and Research blog (at it's new address), employee blogs, and even a page on microsoft.com.

What they missed in most of these pieces is that Windows 7 Beta testers should also visit the integrated Windows Update in their Control Panel.  Passive by design in the beta release, users need to click on 'Check for Updates' and will find, at minimum, the update described in MS009-006.

This latest batch from Redmond includes something for almost every Microsoft operating system (going back to Windows 2000), a list of which can be found now at the Microsoft Download Center including a complete ISO image.

A little reminder post in case you missed the earlier buzz .... So far, my updates to XP3, Vista and Windows 7 are doing just fine ...