Friday, September 18, 2009

25,000 Flickr Galleries (and more from Yahoo!)

A few days ago, Yahoo! announced the launch of Flickr Galleries.

According to a press post this evening, over 25,000 galleries have already been produced by Flickr users.

Even more interesting in the multifaceted weekend corporate post was the fact that Flickr now hosts over 3.4 billion photos.

(That's billion ... with a 'b').

Indeed, I have often told friends and colleagues that I use Flickr more for viewing than posting.

Example: Looking at a particular travel destination?  Why not look at a few photos from a few people that have actually been there?  There's a (very) good chance you'll find them on Flickr.

With the increase in mobile uploads from a variety of smart (and semi-smart) phones, it's getting to a point where there's a picture of almost everything on Flickr. (This may be getting a little creepy :) Some of the photos are interesting, some fun, others amazing, and while there are numerous competitors, it's safe to say most professional photographers maintain some presence on Yahoo's photo sharing website.

Noted photographer Thomas Hawk recently blogged about his 30,000th upload to Flickr (despite the fact that he started his own competing site some time ago).

Yahoo's press piece this evening also makes mention of the retiring of all older versions of Yahoo! Messenger on September 30th with users needing to upgrade to version 8 or higher to be able to continue using the service.

Details on the Yahoo! Messenger migration and 'Yahoo! Messenger on the Web' are now posted on the Messenger blog here.

The late Friday post from Sunnyvale also includes Yahoo's salute to pirates (Hmm...) ..... and a cooperative Yahoo / Kodak tribute to Hispanic Heritage Month.

The complete post can be found here.