Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Overlooked Feature in Picasa 3.5 ?

I was reading with interest numerous articles about Google's latest version of Picasa earlier today.

Coincidentally, I did have a few photos to edit and send by e-mail so I replaced the old version to try out some of the new features.

The new Picasa (version 3.5) adds facial recognition, name tags, easier geotagging, and more seamless integration with Picasaweb.

To those of you that take a lot of photos with your cellphone, or just don't have the time to stop and set camera settings, I wandered across a feature you may want to try out.

The redeye correction automatically finds the eyes!

While this may not sound exciting to you if you're already using more elaborate commercial photo editing software, I found it pretty huge for a free product.  Picasa's right up there now for me with Microsoft's Phototools and

Give it a try.

With gobs of photos now being uploaded from iPhones (and other camera phones) this one feature is an outright WIN.