Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yesterday's Google Logo Morphs Again !

Later today, Google will have an announcement for the media.

Yesterday, the search giant toyed with the press on Twitter and elsewhere but gave no exacting reason for the wild Google 'Doodle' on the main Google search page ..... that bounced colored balls when you moved your mouse.

The subtle campaign was successful (and another great example of media convergence) as hundreds of publications ran stories on the hyper-active logo.

Many speculated that we were about the see a significant change in Google search.  That, of course, would be big news.

The next chapter.

A short time ago, the Google logo (or Doodle as it's affectionately referred to), changed to this:


Well ... not exactly.

Try typing something in the search bar.

Hint #2?  It appears that Google Search is about to come much more interactive.

Hype or productivity?

If Google's experimental launch of Google Scribe by Google Labs yesterday is any indication, this could be getting interesting. Potentially a game changer.

Stay tuned!

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