Friday, November 30, 2007

Two Firefox updates in one week

In the outside chance you have Firefox auto-updates turned off, you may want to tap 'help' then 'check for updates'.

Firefox released an update earlier this week and another one today and the current (stable) release is

We tested the all-new Firefox Beta 3.0 last weekend and found the same not-ready-for-prime-time problems as many others.

In our case, the new Beta gobbled up LOTS of memory and managed to stay resident after closing. Of course, that's what Beta's are all about and we sent a full report of our findings to the development team. We'll be checking back to see how the 'next generation' Firefox improves over time.

From the 'in case you missed it' category: Google continues to make daily headlines. We counted no less than 50 on-line publications (there's probably more :) reporting on the press release issued this morning by Google that they will, in fact, be a bidder in the upcoming wireless spectrum auction by the FCC. (Google has been using cellular, rather than GPS for it's mobile navigation application. Now that was an cool development).

To those going to PUBCON .... sorry we can't meet you at the craps table :)

Wine tasting on the Web - gets additional angel funding

Don't like that last wine you just tried?. There's always (with an 'n), being touted as the world's most comprehensive wine database.

Launched in June of this year, the New York-based start-up announced 1 million dollars in a second round of angel financinh this week.

The funds will be used to take the company worldwide, and as Philip James, Smooth's founder worded it, they'll be "staffing up, becoming more professional, and generally growing up".

The funding comes from the company's original backers and a new group of international investors who were not named in the press release.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Google launches Gmail Group Chat

Google today launched a new feature which allows 'chatting' with several other users, from with GMail. The chat client also now includes emoticons.

More on the new GMail feature can be found here

PubCon Net Convention in Las Vegas on December 4

Remember when all you had to plan for was COMDEX?

The Internet has spawned a slew of conferences and conventions in the past few years, across the country (and around the world).

Next up is WebmasterWorld's Pubcon, December 4th-7th at (You guessed it) the Las Vegas Convention Center.

This year's tentative Pubcon speaker roster is pretty impressive and can be found here .

Anyone for a few days in Vegas .... again ? :)

You can buy the Internet ! Introducing QNET

Now, YOU can buy a piece of the Internet. Well, sort of.

Trading began this week on the NASDAQ stock market of a brand new index comprised of a broad range of Internet stocks, including a wide variety of Internet services and cutting-edge companies, both listed on the NASDAQ and other US stock exchanges.

Trading under the symbol QNET, the index began trading early this week.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Page Rank vs Trusted Sites and a new Google Patent

As I continue to read the ongoing 'dialog' about the recent Google Page Rank changes, it's become pretty clear that the fixation with Page Rank will continue.

A number of you have incurred the dreaded -30 (or 40?) penalty in recent days and are actively seeking answers.

Others are watching their websites go from the top 10 to the -90 penalty category in just a few short days.

We reviewed some of these sites today. Some 'earned' the penalty (see below). Others may only be temporary victims of an algorithm adjustment. Something that almost always occurs during a time like this, and usually can be rectified over a short period of time.

Earlier today, I read a post by Bill Slawski on a new patent granted to Google just yesterday on "Web Spam, Doorway Pages and Manipulative Articles". Google applied for the patent, according to Bill, almost 4 years ago on December 10, 2003.

The key point in this piece is, that if you take the time to read the somewhat lengthy document, your answers may be right there. The patent literally spells out how Google is attempting to weed-out spammy websites (and blogs) and is a must-read for all of us.

It's a lot more than just paid links.

Bill's piece is posted to his website, SEO by the Sea here.

More on MyBlogLog

Wednesday morning 'update':

Some may have noticed that yesterday, we put an short update on our recent MyBlogLog post to explain a little more about cookies. Just a few facts that probably should have been included in the original piece.

This morning, we received a note (via MyBlogLog) from Yahoo's Ian Kennedy pointing to this page where it explains how you can 'block your face' on other sites while surfing with MyBlogLog when you wish to. A cool tool.... and Kudo's to Ian for reacting so quickly...

More Google ....

We've had numerous discussions here relative to Google's 'dynamic indexing' of blogs lately .....

It was pretty obvious, when we posted the 'Google Green' piece yesterday that it would be an international headline within hours.

It was still an important story to a lot of people so we posted it after seeing it on the Google blog.

Just curious, we checked back just TEN MINUTES later. The story had already been indexed by Google. This is getting truly amazing.

edited staff Nov 28 PM

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Google co-founder Larry Page announces new Green Initiative

Google co-founder Larry Page issued a press release today, and made a rare direct post to the 'Official Google Blog', announcing new initiative and dedication by Google towards 'renewable energy'.

Page co-founded Google together with Sergey Brin in 1998.

The post begins "Clean and affordable energy is a growing need for our company, and we’re excited about the opportunity to help create competitive green alternatives".

The rest of the blog post can be found here , and a link to the Press Release from Google Inc. is here .

Venture Cap - Yodle funded for 12 million

Yodle Inc., a local lead and online advertising services (and apparently upcoming competitor to Idearc) has raised $12 million in venture capital from Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Bessemer Venture Partners. The press release made late yesterday can be found here .

Are you really logged out of MyBlogLog?

Yahoo appears to be getting a little ambitious with their tracking cookies. They already own two of the most effective bookmarking / networking sites on the net - MyBlogLog and, of course, .

Sometimes you want to be 'seen' on other peoples blogs and sometimes you may not.

Now that MyBlogLog is using the universal Yahoo sign-in, you have to log-out twice. Once out of MyBlogLog and again out of the Yahoo network. That makes complete sense to us.

The problem? You're still logged-in to MyBlogLog.

Two solutions... Close your browser and re-open it OR use the most overlooked and our highest rated free utility out there - CCleaner (or Crap Cleaner). Dump your cookies and cache in nanoseconds (when you want to).

You'll probably be AMAZED at the amount of MB (or GB!) of unnecessary 'stuff' you unload.

During the install, you may (or may not?) want to opt-out of the Yahoo toolbar and automatic updates. I'm not big on having 15 or 20 'web-aware' programs running and always opt-out of auto-updates and instead, do an occasional global update of the network.

It seems that everyone targets Google for tracking (and, of course, Doubleclick ... :). The reality is, almost every major website site does it (and not just search engines), whether they use the information internally or sell it. It'll never change. It's a huge profit center with more start-ups enabling user tracking every day.

Most surfers ignore it. I don't run CCleaner after every session but it's nice to get a 'fresh start' and clean the 'gunk' (some potentially dangerous gunk?) out of the cache every once and a while.

Sidenote: Someone asked today why comments aren't enabled on this blog. The fact is, at the moment, we just don't have time to moderate them. In about 45 days, we will, and comments will be enabled along with the new look and feel of SEO and Tech Daily which should premier around the same time.

Update: Ian Kennedy's visit to our blog had me revisit this post, something I rarely do. It's important to point out that not all cookies are tracking cookies. Some cookies simply tell the provider that you are logged in, so you can stay logged in. Others provide anonymous surfing habit information or enable analytics. Where would we be without analytics? Cookies continue to play an important role on the web. We obviously still use MyBlogLog on this blog and keep it turned on while wandering blogs quite often. The return visits are interesting and occasionally important. Ian didn't request this post, but I will drop him a note ..... via MyBlogLog :) Charlie

Monday, November 26, 2007

Analytics that designers and SEO's should know

Community quick post ... Odds and ends from 'the mountain' ...

We averaged a few past-month analytics from 29 websites today and came up with the following results:

Browsers: IE (7 and 6) over 80 per cent.
Firefox continuing climb with between 12-14% of page views. (If you look like crud on Firefox, it's time to fix it!). Safari also climbed a bit averaging 3 per cent (Thank you iPhone?!).

Most common (approx 60%) screen resolution is 1024 x 800. The rest of you are all over the place, with a few still lingering at 800 x 600...

The biggest change in one month. Dial-up users now averaging below 5% of users. First time.

The rest of you did a great job covering the news :)

Added Brogan to the Blogroll - Thought his blog was cool.

Finally, congrats to fellow Pennsylvanian, the 'Nanny', whose obvious addiction to blogging appears to be paying off (Nice job Shana!)

Microsoft dot net version 3.5 comes out of 'pre-release'

Developers and others using the latest incarnation of Microsoft's dot net platform (3.5) may want to head over to the Microsoft download center to grab the latest release posted late last week.

(Be sure to uninstall the pre-release version if you're using it. If you experience difficulties with the on-the-fly update, download the full executable ... and reboot).

Worked for us.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

CNN / YouTube Republican Debate - Still time tonight

It's still not too late. The CNN / YouTube Republican debate will be held this Wednesday, November 28th, hosted by Anderson Cooper on CNN.

Although today is the cut-off for uploading video questions (from YOU) for the candidates, as of 10 PM on the east coast, the YouTube entry page was still open.

Will you be asking the tough questions Wednesday? Why not?

Grab that camera. You've probably still got an hour or two ... depending on how much 'good stuff' the CNN editors think they already have.

Mashies become Open Web Awards - Others join project

Pete Cashmore's Mashable Awards has a new name, and a bunch of new partners. The preview of the Open Web Awards can be found on the Mashable site here.

Joining Mashable, is Marketing Pilgrim (Andy Beal), Techdirt, Blognation, Gadgetell, Pulse2.0, WatchMojo, Collective Thoughts, Andy Beard and others.

Sponsorships are still open but no, you can't nominate yourself yet :)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

NBC, FOX and the update on Hulu (and the writers strike)

Earlier this week I did a quick review of the NBC / FOX online joint video venture called HULU. Being admittedly a little brain dead this week, I thought I had been locked-out because of my mention of the writers' strike, but the fact is, I lost the new password. Yikes.

No politics here? Every rule is meant to be broken. The gang at the Writers Guild (a quick Hi to all of you on Twitter!) definitely have something to be concerned about. Hulu is the best example I've seen to date.

If they grow Hulu faster, keep the servers at HD quality, and keep it in it's current subdued ( and just great) format, I'd be a little worried if I was a writer too. I'd also be more worried about Letterman who really doesn't seem to care at all, and knows that CBS has more to lose (financially) than anyone else in this mess. Anyone catch the LIVE Thanksgiving show?
Payback to Les Moonves. You bet.

Back to Hulu ...

Hulu is still in private beta, and despite moderate early reviews, they've been adding more content and as mentioned before, the absolutely stellar video at reasonable PC screen sizes is excellent.

While I still prefer to watch TV .. ugh ... on a TV with a few friends, I really like what I'm seeing so far from Hulu. No blaring ads, easy mouse over navigation, a pop out feature so you can watch TV in the monitor corner, and more.

Although the roll-out appears slow (adding 30 or 40 shows at a time), I was easily able to find stuff I like and actually watched a little TV on my PC.

24, House, Bones, 30 Rock, Leno, Las Vegas, The Office, Heroes, and more. There's a large list, along with many shows from the NBC and FOX archives (too long to list). We suppose Fox could be reading Fox because, yes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is there too?

To date: Hulu's content partners are Bravo, E!, Fox Movie Channel, IGN, NBC Universal, SCI FI, FX, Sundance Channel, Sony, Fox Television Classics, USA, Universal Pictures, Comedy Time, MGM, Fight Networks, Ford Models, Fuel TV, Fox, G4, Gamespot, Golf Channel, Moveiola, World Wrestling Entertainment, National Geographic, Oxygen, Speed Channel, TVG,, TV Guide, Versus, X17,, Rehearsals and Reveille.

Definitely a wide cross-section of demographics (all of whom seem to be favoring the Simpsons?) are being hit at once to see 'what plays'...

Hulu's distribution partners include 'a varied mix' too, and include AOL, Comcast, MSN, MySpace, and Yahoo. This could turn out to be one of the most interesting chapters for us 'search engine geeks'.

Here we go again. So far, my largest disappointment was to see 24 not marked with the 'still on the air' button. I must be living in a cave. Did they cancel Jack Bauer?. Are they nuts? Do they want hundreds of thousands of Peanuts at Fox HQ? Somebody tell me what the deal is here before the withdrawals start!

We'll do more on Hulu and the other video 'players' (with screenshots next time). I honestly don't know what the other reviewers are watching but this guy is hoping they don't mess it up with lots of RED buttons and promos ... and keep it just the way it is.

Blogroll updated - Facelift Next

I have added a few (and deleted a few) great blogs and websites to the blogroll at left. Things are always changing, but if you can't find what you're looking for in the Tech or SEO world using the new links, we think it's a safe bet to say, it may not exist.

Try a few, steal a few. Feel free :)

That's what it's there for.

Our new look will premier in the next two weeks.

Once again, thanks to all for the comments and notes.
This blog started as an experiment. We're keeping it ... or ....

We're 'almost out of beta' ... Where have I heard that before ??

Friday, November 23, 2007

Why Kevin Ryan has our office in hysterics

I have to admit that I've been overlooking somewhat (more than somewhat?) since part of the original team started

Re-visiting the site this afternoon, I came across a piece posted this past Wednesday by Kevin Ryan. At that very moment, I was doing 'a little' in-house SEO.

This article is a must-read if you do, or have done any in-house SEM or SEO!

Kevin, you had the whole team laughing on the floor, and all of a sudden feeling like they weren't alone anymore.

Just Great Stuff.

Microsoft partners with portals - releases co-branding

The Microsoft Online Services Division announced a some recent initiatives this past week.

The most notable was the release of a few 'co-branded' portal pages.


Co-branding has always been an effective marketing tool.

Will it work on the web ? We'll see :)

Creative Commons License on SeoBook and Berners-Lee sites

Aaron Wall has applied the Creative Commons Attribution license to his entire Seobook blog.

We also noticed that an older version of the license is at the very bottom of the piece mentioned yesterday on the Giant Global Graph written by web-founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee on the MIT website that is now being cited on numerous websites around the world, with varied perspectives.

For those unfamiliar with the Creative Commons License or to just read a bit about what's happened with the project since you last visited, the link is here

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giant Global Graph - Perspective, dialog, and potential

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the acknowledged founder of the World Wide Web, made a blog entry on Wednesday evening which is sparking speculation, debate, and possibly some insight into the future of the Internet.

Technology oriented and other respected websites and blogs are calling it everything from Web 3.o to the Giant Global Graph, or Open Social Web.

Some of you know, I'm a bit of a dreamer. In 1998, I wrote a piece about the Internet having the potential of connecting the people of the world, bypassing governments, and possibly creating friendships and eliminating misconceptions about other societies. A friendly environment that could, potentially, promote world peace (Yes, you read that right) by creating a 'worldwide forum of understanding'.

I suppose world history would oppose this view. I argue that this is one the best chances we have to save lives and help to create a better place for our children.

I lost some interest in this vision as the web became heavily commercialized during the 1990's and 'big money' was able to capture the majority web audience. More recently, numerous social communities with tremendous potential had me looking back in retrospect.

Commercialism can be a good thing. It can promote good things, but here in the US it has polluted broadcast news. 'News for ratings' is the current sad chapter in many cases. Some of the best websites, however, are delivering real and 'unfiltered' news. This is a totally fascinating development.

There are some brilliant minds, worldwide, writing code so that we cannot only find it, but read it, discuss it, and beyond debating Top-10 rankings or search relevance, take it to the next level.

While many governments still block the Internet, the possibilities of worldwide 'people progress' remain to this day.

The spam fighting mentioned in the post is interesting as well. Hopefully, a self imposed worldwide 'police force', rather than censorship, (A very fine line) while the maintaining the integrity of Net Neutrality. Impossible? Only the future will tell. (The FOAF is mentioned in the post).

I mentioned in a recent post that I made to Google's Matt Cutts blog on the importance of the SEO and SEM community maintaining an ongoing dialog with search engines. Perhaps, I was thinking in this direction. Facts and the truth are what most people are searching for, and frankly that is exactly what should be landing in the organic top-10. My ongoing criticism of an open Wikipedia, which, in my view, has turned into an ongoing disaster, with editors overwriting facts with entires promoting personal agendas. If we continue to link to Wikipedia without some moderation, it will continue landing top-10 positions. It isn't ready yet. A great project, that deserved the press, with tremendous potential for all the same reasons mentioned above. An encyclopedia that can be changed with FACTS, as times change. Wow.

Several of the interpretations and news accounts of Sir Tim Berners-Lee's original post are already linking to Wikipedia. I have to wonder how many of those pages change before you read them.

The post also refers to the Bill of Rights for users of the Open Social Web, another dialog worth reading and debating.

I've thought many times about addressing 'my dream' in various forums. I can't think of a better time than right now. Many of the web architects are still very much around. I have to wonder what their thoughts are.

Because I don't currently have the time to moderate comments as yet on this blog, I am going to 'self-sphinn' it to Sphinn. I'm sure there will be more than a few of us doing the same thing, but more as a news story. I think it's much more. Hopefully there will be some dialog there and in other forums. It's a start, kicked off by one of the gentlemen that started it all.

I suppose it's possible, that my thoughts will be dismissed once again. There's always tomorrow.

Update : Additional link to the W3C Semantic Web page

Sphinn Spam Cops - Sphinn to add moderation tools to Search Marketing forum

Sphinn, the networking forum and part of, is adding additional spam control.

Sphinn has been growing fast, and as is usually the case with growth, has spawned some predators posting off-topic and 'other' posts.

We joined Sphinn a few weeks ago. Overall, it's an excellent forum for SEO, SEM and Blog writer types. It has some unique features (like "who sphunn" you) and attracts a large audience.

The existing moderators were already doing a good job at weeding out some occasional posts that would appear.

It will be interesting to see how this works out. A DeSphinn?? Have you been DeSphunn?

The piece describing the changes coming to Sphinn posted by Danny Sullivan is here .

Web only Mac commercial makes the rounds

If you haven't seen it already, this ad has appeared on Engadget, CNET, and a few other places in the last couple of days. So after you eat some turkey, have a little fun and share this (from macrumors), eat some more ... and be nice to the in-laws. Happy Thanksgiving All !

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fast is fast but this is rediculous - Verizon raises the bar again.

Notable posts category: GigaOM is reporting that Verizon's FIOS is being cranked up to 50 MB !

(Pretty soon, you'll be able to download the entire Library of Congress in 30 seconds (or less) .... :)

Credit Card Security on the Web

I thought this post would be timely just before Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

I run into a lot of people that worry using their credit card on the web. It's a valid concern, whether it's an established big company website or a small start-up.

The reality is that your credit card is also vulnerable in a retail setting (or anywhere else).

Credit cards are still being handled by people. Even on the Internet, in most cases, at some point your card information is handled by a 'real person'. In a retail store, you may be swiping, but you're also signing an electronic pad. (Just imagine how many computers have your signature!.)

The reality is, even with the addition of the 'cvv security code' on the back, your credit card is always at some level of risk. Nobody really wants to think about it, and this piece isn't to meant to alarm anyone. To some degree, using a credit card can be safer than a check.

Check your credit card statements every month. See something suspicious? Just call the 800 number on the back.

The good news (and I've had recent experience with this) is that the banks are getting much better at quickly identifying potential credit card fraud.

I received a phone call from a credit card provider a few months ago. I verified that it was the issuing bank first and then went on to explore what they were calling about. It was real. They caught it the day it happened, reversed the charges and issued a new card.

So, have some fun shopping for your friends and loved ones, and pin this post to your desk to remember to check those bank and credit card statements. It only takes a few minutes each month.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

SEO and SEM in the coming years - You can help!

In the past, I very rarely make a post to an SEO or search engine forum. I did my own thing and was happy doing it. Lately, including this modest blog, I've decided to change that. I don't need the 'promotion'. The industry does need cooperation.

Times are changing and it will be more difficult, with newer and dynamic technologies, for the search engines to deliver the best possible organic results.

There has been an ongoing thread on Matt Cutts (Google) blog that while disturbing can also be enlightening. I, for one, think there's tremendous potential in dialog like this. Not just for Google, but for Live, Yahoo, Ask, Cuill, and any others that may approach the search arena in a serious way in the coming years.

Delivering relevant results is becoming more difficult as well as the search engines decisions on what may appear in or on top of the results, which could have an effect on entire industries.

I did make a post to Matt's blog. I think the community, instead of labeling this dialog as 'combat', should promote these exchanges, hopefully before Matt closes out the comments on this thread.

The dialog is here. The more people in the search engine, SEM and SEO world that comment, the better.

We can all contribute to a better Internet. This is just one way.

Charlie Anzman

Hulu 2? - Fox and NBC Universal unleash more video

Hulu is the new web-based video distribution channel being tested by the co-owners, NBC Universal and Fox. Still in private beta, the initial reviews weren't too exciting.

This morning, I received an 'invite' along with a number of others that I spoke with. Evidently Hulu is either rolling out a better product, or wants to keep the buzz alive.

The other possibility is they are countering the negative press accounts last week when NBC fired a number of employees currently on strike, reportedly including the entire writing staff at Saturday Night Live. That headline hit home with two generations of SNL fans.

I took a quick stroll over to the Hulu test site early this morning. The interface was clean and 'quiet'. No flashy ads or distractions. Navigation was simple.

Three clicks and I found it ... 24 :) Both clips and full-length episodes.

First Impressions - Hulu: I'm going to do a little more testing later this week, but as for video quality, at least here, it was absolutely excellent. HD quality with absolutely no notice of buffering using my 15 Meg (down) cable Internet connection.

The problem?

I always have a hard time turning off 24 .

Microsoft releases new file format converter

Trouble communicating ??

Microsoft has released a new 'Office Compatibility Pack' which allows of older versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint to save documents in the newer file formats introduced with MS Office 2007.

The pack currently supports Word, Excel and Powerpoint. (Installation instructions should be read carefully).

The free add-on can be found at the Microsoft download center here .

In other Microsoft news, Windows XP Service Pack 3 has been released to beta testers and appears is tentatively scheduled for release in early 2008.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Skyscanner flies with Private Equity from SEP

Skyscanner, the European-based airline fare comparison engine announced a GBp 2.5 million first round of funding from SEP (Scottish Equity Partners).

Details can be found at the SEP site here.

What the New York Times, CNN and Fox have in common

Print Media and Television now have a new source for news. Best of all (for them), it's free.

Bloggers, some pretty knowledgeable, and others with 'just great video', have made their way into the mainstream media. This time, it looks like it's going to stay that way.

After about a year of 'mass media' asking us to 'send in those photos, stories and videos', most major TV and print media companies are now embracing bloggers ... very carefully.

BlogBurst is delivering articles to Reuters, Fox Business, IBS and others. The NY Times has truly embraced the blog arena with Blogrunner and the 'annotated NY Times', and CNN added an entirely new show this week comprised of 'citizen video'.

In the past month, Newsweek, USA Today and others announced cutbacks of content and / or staff. Others will follow. Their target audience has been invaded by laptops ... and they know it.

CNN's new show showed promise with it's weekend preview on Headline News (other than the really annoying host?). They're also giving some new life to Second Life, along with CSI.

The long-term ramifications of this convergence still remains unclear. No doubt there were a few great journalists and photo journalists that never made their mark on the larger audience. Will they now? At the very least, it will be historic and fun to watch and maybe we may even learn something along the way....

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Google Page Rank hysteria revisited - Remembering the Google Dance

This past week I've read more 'Page Rank' updates than I care to think about. It reminds me of the time when the 'Google Dance' used to happen at the same time, and everyone was out there checking the datacenters to see (maybe) where they we going to land.

If you're working on a website that belongs in the 'top-10' for a particular keyword, there's a good chance, with simple SEO practices, it will end up there. Yes, even in a highly-competitive market!

One website that I checked this morning which belongs in No. one position for a specific keyword is still very much there. It's a coveted keyword and the PR of the site is THREE.

The unfortunate story is that we do have an environment where people are finding it necessary to load some of these sites with malware or a bunch of pop-ups with tracking cookies.

Therein lies Google's challenge, particularly in the Blog Search arena. Would you want Cutt's job in this environment ??

So, if you've been around for a while, think back to the Google Dance days. Big Daddy has lots of kids now! Chill out for a week or two before you panic.

Better yet, take a deep breathe before you post something crazy to your blog!

Just 'my two cents' for the weekend
Charlie Anzman

Want your PC to look like a Mac ?

Apple has released an update to Safari for Windows (version 3.0.4).

The browser (still technically in Beta) has improved dramatically in the last two updates.

It IS fast. It gives you an idea of what you website(s) will look like on a MAC (or iPhone).

Or .... you can have a little fun getting your co-workers totally confused on how you got a Mac and they're all using PCs?

The latest version of Apple's Safari for Windows can be downloaded from here

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dell to acquire Everdream

Dell Computer (Nasdaq: DELL) has signed an agreement to acquire privately-held Everdream .

Everdream is based in Fremont, Calif., with a second facility in Charlotte, N.C.

Terms of the purchase were not disclosed.

Dell was a driving force in the early stages of e-commerce and for several years considered to be the number one PC manufacturer in the US.

Most recently Dell made up some lost market share by inking a retail sales agreement with Wal-Mart.

Dell is expected to unveil it's all-new XP1 computer on Monday, November 19th.

Anyone for a 300 million dollar ad assignment?

Advertising Age is reporting the Microsoft is shopping a new ad campaign worth about 300 million.

Will it be one of the 'old names' or a newer-generation ad company. This could get interesting.

Apple's latest series of 'Hi, I'm a Mac'... has drawn rave reviews, at least here in the 'extended New York Metro' market.

More Vanessa Fox .... New blog name wanted !

Breaking News - Fox to put clothes on her blog!.

I'm sure many of you remember when Danny Sullivan ran a 'contest' last year asking for suggestions for his new blog name. I was deep in the shadows of in-house SEO back then and nobody knew who I was (They still don't ? :).

This time it's Vanessa Fox. She needs help. Ugh .... I mean your help ...

Help Vanessa rename her blog here

Friday, November 16, 2007

Net Neutrality - Yahoo, Comcast and Google

Net Neutrality became an issue earlier this month once again as Comcast faced class action lawsuit(s) for allegedly blocking some bittorrent and other IP's.

Yahoo was also called to task this month, testifying before Congress, and making numerous apologies for turning over information to a foreign government which apprarently caused the imprisonment of a dissident.

The issue is clearly a difficult problem for those who maintain a high profile on the Internet and continue to grow globally.

We found a great piece on Thursday, posted by a Google employee, which describes their efforts, and in particular, international government regulations and blogs. The post by Rachel Whetstone makes interesting reading and can be found here.

Dulski exits Yahoo for Fatdoor Inc.

Jennifer Dulski, 9 year veteran of Yahoo and most-recently VP of Yahoo's local markets and commerce team, has joined start-up .

Dulski had taken a seat on the board and has been named CEO., still in private beta, has recruited a respectable team of developers and capital partners.

Earlier this week, the company announced they have secured first round funding of 5.5 million.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Vanessa Fox departs Zillow

Vanessa Fox, the outspoken and unabashed former Google employee who left the company earlier this year to join real estate start-up Zillow, is on the move again.

She made the announcement on the blog where she succesfully played to 's' card, (Sorry guys, it's a joke).

Fox, who has been mentioned several times on this blog, is going on to what she loves ... writing, speaking and, according to her post, "a million other things".

Fox captured the national spotlight as team leader for Google's Webmaster Central and by making numerous seo and search convention appearances along with co-worker Matt Cutts.

The perky Fox has developed a long list of admirers, many of whom wished her luck on her blog a few days ago, including us.

Could Firefox be safer than IE7 ?

A few weeks ago, I had an exchange with a 'industry blogger' that a link she had put in her text was going directly to a malware site.

Her response was "Thanks, I didn't notice. I'm using Firefox" and proceeded to quickly remove the link.

Just before she did, we cleared out all the 'stuff' (cache, cookies, etc) and tried again.

Sure enough, Firefox blocked the malware. IE7 launched Windows installer. Yikes!

Evidently, in recent weeks, some ISP's have been redirecting malware sites. Search engines are de-listing them where they had scored rank in the past.

The tactics currently being used by a few domainers and other websites are simply unacceptable (Understatement!). There are just too many other ways to capitalize on typos .... if that's what they want to do.

gOS motherboard available (Walmart's $199 PC)

While the gOS - based (Ubuntu Linux plus Enlightenment) Walmart $199 PC remains sold out, you can buy the motherboard for 59 bucks!

A link from the gOS operating system website leads here where ClubIt is offering the motherboard separately. A chance for you techies to play with it without shelling out for the while PC.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Search Engine Land grows along with Sphinn

Search Engine Land, launched early this year by Danny Sullivan as he departed Search Engine Watch (the company he originally founded) is growing again.

Two new editors, and a massive new blogroll, now broken up by category. (No, we're not there !! ... In reality, we've been doing SEO and SEM for 6 years but only writing for a few months ... As yet, an unproven commodity? :)

We've read Danny's articles since he's been on the 'net, and I think it's safe to say that the new site is, and still is, the No. 1 stop for budding SEO's and many others. It's grown exponentially since they started up.

Last night, we found a little time to explore Sphinn, and after some quick reading, joined. Sphinn is the accompanying community to Search Engine Land and has a great and varied cross-section of contributors.

No doubt, most of you reading this know about 'Sullivan and Company'. If you don't, be sure and take time to check the site(s) out.

Zillow growing and the Real Estate Sub-Prime Nightmare

Several other Real Estate start-ups have been announced since Zillow hit the scene, and it does make sense.

Innovating in a down market is simply the best time.

More people are looking for 'alternative' marketing. More are looking for exposure at a good price. Some are even discovering the newer real estate internet landscape for the first time.

When business is bad, the vendors (in this case, brokers) come to you.

Also, with less consumers in the market, it provides time to fine-tune your product. We didn't take the time today to find out who provides Zillow's Birds Eye View, but it is the ONLY map we've found on the Internet that shows the 6 new houses built around our PA home in the past 3 years.

As daily readers to this blog already know, we've run our own tests on Zillow. We have an agreement with our broker that allows either the broker or us to sell the house. Zillow was the ONLY site to check back with us by e-mail to see if the house had been sold.

Does this mean there's more than a few long-term, established real estate websites still showing houses that are off the market? Are they counting strictly on the MLS?

Even more news from Zillow today (less than a month after the ERA and RE/MAX agreements). They entered into significant agreements with numerous newspaper groups. The press release is here.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Now, it's easier to remember us

A few days ago we purchased two domains (you asked for it?) to make it a little easier to return to this blog.

Both are 301 re-directs:

Either will work. We really appreciate all that have sought us out as to our plans, and contributed numerous ideas to this and other projects we are currently working on.

Charlie Anzman

Google Webmaster Central Updates

We were really pleased to see the addition of geo-targeting to the growing 'toolkit' available (free) to webmasters at Google's Webmaster Central last week!. It's live now, at least here in the US.

Regular readers know how important we feel geo-targeting is, especially in the current market environment, in numerous spaces.

Suggestion: Be careful with this tool FIRST. Look at your analytics, where your visitors are coming from (and where you want to be) before making any setting changes to Google's default.

Late yesterday, leader domain registrar GoDaddy struck a deal to include integration of Google's Webmaster Central suite with websites hosted by them. The relating post can be found here .

Monday, November 12, 2007

New @ e-mail addresses released by Microsoft

Up until now, you could sign into Hotmail with your existing , .... or Microsoft Office Live e-mail addresses.

Introducing Find out more at the new Microsoft page here .

Google offers megabucks to mobile phone developers

Earlier today, Google launched a new blog for Android along with large cash of rewards ($10 million dollars total!), for those who develop the best applications using their new mobile platform. The news actually was announced on several Google blogs, including the Official Google Blog .

There's simply no doubt, hundreds or even thousands of software developers that currently post some great stuff to open source websites will quickly change gears with a little loot on the line.

Sidebar: Want to be the first on your block with your very own Android? (for your desktop) ... Click here

Live Search Webmaster Tools Beta invites received

It appears the Live Search team is ramping up beta testing of the new Live Search Webmaster Tools program (apparently a similar webmaster outreach tool to Google's Webmaster Central).

We, and a number of our colleagues, received e-mails today confirming our opt-in status on the beta test.

No doubt, it will be interesting to see the beta, and we'll keep you tuned in to the progress right here.

Microsoft's Live Search quadrupled the size of it's index several weeks ago and significantly improved search results in numerous sectors.

TechCrunch founder cancels all speaking engagements

Entrepreneur Mike Arrington, editor of TechCrunch, made headlines all over the web this past weekend. Bloggers, and even the mainstream media, blasting him for being a 'no show' at last week's BlogWorldExpo.

I don't know Mike. Maybe some don't like him. Maybe some are simply jealous of TechCrunch's success. The fact is that the site does break a lot of important stories.

Evidently Mike didn't even know that he was being promoted as being the the show schedule.

Late yesterday, he made a post to CrunchNotes, his personal blog, canceling all upcoming speaking engagements.

Truly a sad chapter in an industry that needs to hear from people that have achieved success in the rapidly growing and dynamic blog space.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Google 1000 ?, Intel ships new chip tomorrow - SEO and Tech Daily Stock Watch

In the midst of the tech sector and general market meltdown on Friday, one analyst was looking for Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) to hit 1000.

Ryan Jacob, manager of the top-performing Jacob Internet Fund, is looking for Google 1000 within the next year. The story was posted first by here

Google stock was priced at 663.97 at the close of trading on Friday, down 4.31 %.

Other stocks in the search space Friday : Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) down 2.91 percent to 33.73. Yahoo (Nasdaq: YHOO) down .91 per cent at 25.79, and IAC (Nasdaq: IACI) parent of, down .32 per cent at 29.35.

In other tech news, Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) will begin shipping it's new Penryn, energy saving quad-core and dual-core microprocessors to key partners tomorrow.

TechTarget acquires KnowledgeStorm

TechTarget (Nasdaq: TTGT) has acquired privately held KnowledgeStorm for $58 million. Most of the transaction is cash ($52 million) with the balance in unregistered stock of TechTarget.

Complete details on the transaction can be found in a web-posted press release here .

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Justine, Arrington, Malik and the BlogWorldExpo snafu

Bloggers that attended this week's BlogWorldExpo conference in Las Vegas are complaining all over the web, that two speakers, Mike Arrington (TechCrunch) and Om Malik (GigaOM) 'missed' the conference and were replaced at the last minute by Justine Ezarik.

The story was even picked up by the mainstream media late Saturday. I suppose one question is "How could Mike have forgotten when, in fact, TechCrunch employees were at the Expo?".

It really doesn't matter.

What does, is that the so-called controversy has now made Justine 'a commodity'.

The news reports will continue no doubt, and mysteriously, her websites will gain more and bigger advertisers. Everyone else will forgive Arrington and Malik.

Test post - Windows Live Software

Test post - Just messing with Microsoft's latest release of Live Writer.  We'll see how it looks on Blogger :)

Our trial run of the Windows Live Mail Client was flawless and has made our top 5.  The RSS feed integration is excellent.  Clean layout.  Easy to use.

Microsoft, for those of you that haven't read it elsewhere, released a suite of Live Client software from beta this past week.

The link is here

Friday, November 9, 2007

Geo-Targeting Europe

In earlier posts we've discussed the advantages of geo-targeting Canada.

Now, with the US dollar trading at an all-time low against the Euro, it may be prudent for marketers in some spaces to be targeting Europe.

US exports have been rising significantly in recent weeks. Travelers from Europe are looking at Florida and other US destinations.

If you aren't already international, and have the product or service that fits, right now is simply one of the best times in recent history. There are many tools available (most for free) to get you started.

Keep an eye on the ROI. Do it on the Internet.

National Blog Posting Month

Did you know it's National Blog Posting Month ? (We're not sure if this was a 'Presidential Declaration' or not)....

Yet another opportunities for bloggers to collaborate and more.

Details can be found here

First on Fox ?

In another page from the 'great Blogburst experiment', we noticed this post on the all-new Fox Business Network.

Great piece huh? :)

Vegas Wrap - Blooger Tradeshow unites many

SEO is a dynamic and ever-changing industry. That was all to evident to the panelists and attendees at Blog World Expo this week. WebProNews has posted some briefs and video highlights here.

Photos of the event are being posted by a few 'photographers' on Yahoo's Flickr.

We expect a myriad of posts from the attendees throughout next week including interviews with several Presidential candidates. Yes, many political bloggers were there too.

TechCrunch and others have some very cool stuff 'in the can'.

Blog World Expo runs through today.

Many thanks to those who dropped us a few notes here and there.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The two most dangerous people in your company

Having served in both positions in my electic (understatement?) career at one point or another , I can say this information is still valid in this new dynamic and global world in which we now live.

As CEO's finally become more tech-saavy, one of the issues is getting better. For a lot of small and medium size companies, this simply isn't the case.

Education is the solution, so here's my modest 'donation'.

No, it's not your CFO.

1) Your purchasing manager. Everybody loves him (or her) including your vendors. It may be obvious but often overlooked. Company policies address it but it still runs rampant throughout all kinds of companies. Is YOUR purchasing team taking a few 'excessive gifts' at your expense?
This is the time of year to watch, and maybe in January or February, find out if there's a new 'vacation home' or BMW in the garage ?

2) The IT nightmare continues for both small companies and governments. Your CIO or IT person.

He (or she) signed all kinds of stuff. People change, times change. Is there a blueprint of your IT infrastructure?. Is there at least ONE more person that knows ALL the passwords? Your biggest liability could be your proprietary technology if (1) It isn't spelled out and (2) You can't access it if 'something changes'!

A little 'Thursday" food for thought ....

Special thanks, once again, to all who have dropped me a note. We done our best, time permitting, to make this (and a few other websites) informative and interesting. Lots more to come :)
Charlie Anzman

Zillow teams with RE/MAX

Mashable is reporting that Zillow has teamed up RE/MAX to allow uploading of their listings on a daily basis, a story confirmed on Zillow's blog.

Mashable broke numerous stories today, many no doubt from Las Vegas. (We're really starting to like Mashable ...)

Need a quick take on what's going on around the web?. No time tonight to read the feeds?

A quick take of, and should keep you in decent shape ....
and still sound like a genius to the boss tomorrow.

Bloglines Top 100

The new Beta at Bloglines has posted their top 100 here. The list spans both websites and blogs.

This is REALLY a good list (at least at the time we looked at it on Wednesday) and, as obvious by our blogroll, we tend to agree with many of the tech sites listed.

While Digg and Technorati have been 'all of the place' lately, it seems, on the surface, that Bloglines has come up with a good formula here.

Recommended reading for sure. We'll see what comes next ....

NameMedia files to issue IPO on the NASDAQ

NameMedia, a growing player in the domain name resale and parking space, has filed the necessary forms with the SEC to issue an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

A press release which appeared this week on their website indicates that the trading symbol the company is seeking is ' NAME '.

In the past year, NameMedia has made significant investments directly in top-level domain names and has also been acquiring other companies. NameMedia currently owns owns, and other domain registrars and associated firms.

The domain name aftermarket has seen some of the highest prices ever on domain resales throughout 2007, mostly at regional auctions. The market has also seen it's share of problems, including Trademark lawsuits. Numerous tradeshows, conventions, auctions and events have been held by 'domainers' this past year.

Competitors include LLC which claims over $3 million in sales per month.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bloggers flock to Las Vegas

Blog World Expo will be held November 7 -9, 2007 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

A roster of speakers from almost all sectors of the blog spectrum are on hand to speak at the conference and a virtual who's who of sponsors is supporting the event.

Whether it's politics, SEO, corporate blogging, Internet broadcasters, sports, or technology, you'll find some top-shelf speakers on the program for the various seminars.

It's not too late. More on the BlogWorldExpo tradeshow can be found here.

SysInternals upgrades Process Explorer and Process Monitor

Sysinternals on Monday released updated versions of the popular Process Monitor (Version 1.26) and Process Explorer (Version 11.04).

Mark Russinovich's programs are widely regarded among the best of their kind and are totally free.

The Sysinternals website has been integrated into Microsoft's website (Microsoft acquired the company last summer) and can now be found here.

Sysinternals utilities are 'must-try' software for system administrators and many others.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Android ends speculation of Gphone - Stock blasts off again

Google's stock (Nasdaq: GOOG) took off again today. to yet another all-time high in midday trading, after releasing details of the company's wireless software strategy. Software being the 'keyword'.

Dubbed 'Android', the project announcement all but ended speculation that Google was 'building their own phone'.

In other news, IAC/Interactive Corp, which just last year spun off it's travel related businesses including and numerous other 'big travel names', announced today that several of the remaining entities within IAC would soon be spun off as separately traded companies.

Can Google stay Google ?

There more than a few well-known and important people driving product teams at Google.

In the past months, quite a few have left the company for a variety of reasons, most with the entrepreneur bug, and a couple, simply for a change of pace.

There's some history here, particularly with Microsoft. They started off young, nimble and ambitious. Managed to stay ahead of the pack by being able to change courses in a moments notice. Then they got large, the 'corporate manual' came into play (mostly for legal reasons), and a lot of employees cashed-out over time, and left.

Tee shirts turn to ties, sneakers to shoes, and all of a sudden 'Where am I working?'.

The one really interesting item of note with Google is, they don't have a tag line. "King of search". "The best algorithm". "Our ads are on EVERYONE'S website".

I seriously doubt Google has a 'lack of direction'. They're keeping their options open
should the entire landscape change overnight.

Corporate culture and opportunity is everything in this market. Google needs to stay on focus regardless of how many websites they're indexing or how many servers they have around the world.

Watching whether or no they do, which 'worlds' they decide to take on, and how many Googlers simply cash out at this stock level will be something to keep an eye on in the coming weeks and months.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weekend Postscript

Halloween has come and gone but this really scared me.

Is there something in the air at the GooglePlex?


Saturday, November 3, 2007

Why we love Reuters

Amazing what you can do these days with a few minutes of spare time, a few friends and a little research.

Shameless self promotion?. Maybe for BlogBurst.

We just write the stuff ... Reuters News Saturday

Virtual Iron takes on VMware with new CEO and Venture capital

Virtual Iron, the company that has managed to pit itself successfully against products such as VMware and Microsoft's Virtual PC in the virtualization space, has raised 13 million in Series D funding from the Brookside Group.

Earlier this week, Virtual Iron announced that former EMC and Avamar executive Ed Walsh has joined the company as President and CEO.

Daylight Savings Time and your Computer

If you're doing sixteen things at once on an average day (and who isn't?), you may have forgotten that the new laws on Daylight Savings Time, in numerous countries including the US, were changed last year.

In the US, daylight savings time now begins the first Sunday of November (tomorrow).
In case you forgot .... like I did!

Computers - Will yours be on-time? ...

Those running Microsoft Windows XP SP2 with automatic updates on have probably already been patched. The same holds true for Vista. If you're unsure, use Automatic Updates or visit
Microsoft's Download Center here.

Linux users should visit the website of the install they are using. RedHat's Linux Enterpise 2.1 DST or 'TZ' documentation is here.

Another catch - For all of us that 'had to have that first atomic watch', atomic clock or weather station, some were not upgradable and won't change, depending on the device. Later devices were released with software or firmware upgrades.

Bottom line: If you have any mission-critical hardware or databases that could be derailed by a time change, it might be a good idea to check them now.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Ning launches Open Social

The company that was one of the first to preview Google's Open Social on the Net, just a few hours ago, took the service LIVE.

No doubt, general community recognition of Ning has rocketed again in recent days.

Also no doubt the Ning Blog is getting a lot of hits tonight.

Could Twitter be the next acquisition target?

Almost as fast as the Internet media embraced and helped launch Facebook, it seems Twitter is following the same path.

In the past month, I've read more articles on people using Twitter side-by-side with Google Reader (at least 5 in the SEO community along) than I can count.

Could Twitter (not that they're exactly the same), deep six the 'big guys' Messenger clients?. Almost every college kid in America has AOL's Instant Messenger open!

We gave Twitter a brief spin this week. It IS cool. It is very non-evasive. You can actually get other stuff done and not get distracted by it.

So, here goes the 'first prediction' for this blog.

Because the Internet 'insiders' have embraced Twitter for their own use, it will start to get a lot of media play in the mainsteam. The IS what happened with Facebook.

There might be a little more venture capital for Twitter. Maybe a 'partner', well before it gets large enough to go public (which seems well in the distance).

Will there be a bid for Twitter?

There's prediction No. 1 for SEO and Tech Daily.

Let's see if we look back on this post ..... or not .. or how long they hold out before the founders say "OK, we'll take it".

Feedburner integrates Adsense

The widely-popular Feedburner RSS delivery platform (that was acquired by Google just a few months ago) has integrated Adsense into user accounts, making is easier to display ads (at your option) on your blog, website or social network space.

Simply log on, select your feed and click monetize to check the new feature out.

More on Google's Open Social (from Google)

So much for rumors ....

Google confirms partners and more.

A reader pointed us to this page this morning in which Google has posted some previews of Open Social.

The buzz continues ....

Videos and Screenshots of Open Social posted by web pioneer

Google's upcoming Open Social, a challenger to Facebook has made news around the Web and in print the past few days. Details of the platform and open API are expected November 5th.

Many prominent possible participants (including MySpace and others) have been mentioned.


One apparent participant, who was discussing the Open Social API as early as Tuesday, is Marc Andreessen (yes, of Netscape fame) who was posting videos and screenshots to his Ning Blog.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Browser Wars Sequel ? Firefox releases version

Firefox Update Released - Fixes bugs in previous version.

Late today, the first web browser to take a 'respectable' market share from Microsoft's Internet Explorer in years, released an updated version (, fixing a few bugs that had been reported in the previous release.

Existing users of Firefox should be automatically updated or can select 'help' from the tool bar, then 'check for updates'.

Firefox is currently estimated to have about an 10-12% market share, as compared to about 3% for Apple's Safari, a number which is confirmed by our own multiple website analytics.

Apple recently released a much improved version of Safari for Windows users in Beta (version 3). Safari is the default web browser in Apple's iPhone and all current Apple computers.

Last month, Microsoft released a version of the latest Internet Explorer Version 7 that no longer requires the authentication of the user's copy of Windows XP SP2.

Blogburst yes - BlogRush no??

I guess this would make sense in a real world, but then again we're here in cyberspace.

Yes, we received one of the now infamous 'no thanks' letters from BlogRush for this blog. We didn't mention it because we sure the gang there really worked hard to see what was written well, what was actually important to the 'blogosphere', and even who knew how to spell ...
It was just one of our many tests and unfortunately we don't get to play with their widgey ... :)

We were pleased today as BlogBurst , Pluck's mainstream media syndication network, sent us a little note.

We are more than pleased to collaborate (integrate?) with BlogBurst. Social Media IS changing the way news is reported and Blogburst is an easy vehicle for us to do 'our small part', when the time and copy is right.

Of all the blogs and websites I've been involved with over 11 years, by far this one has been the most enlightening (and just fun!).

Yahoo shuffles the organic search deck - Seeks Feedback

In the past week, Yahoo has been making changes to their organic search index.

Just today, we began to notice some of those changes in the SERPs in the various spaces we watch. Hopefully, it's still ongoing. Some are much better. A few are worse. Some haven't budged.

Get involved!

Yahoo is looking for your feedback on this recent 'search shuffle'.

So far, the comments on the suggestion board aren't addressing the issue directly.
Why not chime in?
The Yahoo suggestion board can be found here

More Wikipedia nightmares ?

It's no secret that a few months ago, there was 'an SEO contest' that led a few seo's to spam Wikipedia with links. The result was Wikipedia announcing the addition of the no-follow tag to external links.

Did it work?

Not really.

It's important to realize that Wikipedia continues to rank very high in the SERPs. It's pages are ALWAYS changing and I suppose that's part of the reason. The question becomes "Is it becoming MORE RELEVANT?".

In a few pages that we look at (and one which we originally wrote), the answer is NO.

I can only say that as more people discover the pages, the more pages are being 're-written with an agenda', important links deleted, and so-called 'commercial links' still appearing where they shouldn't.

I honestly don't have the answer but until someone does, I would suggest that Wikipedia shouldn't be weighted as heavily as they are by the search engines.

One of the most interesting projects on the Net continues to have it's problems.
I'd hate to see it disappear but a 'name or slogan change' might be in order at this stage.
Really sad .... as the original concept was stellar.

All of this has been said many times in the past.
A glance at a few pages last night would have us believing that those of us that have donated 'some time', in good faith, may be disappearing out of sheer frustration.