Thursday, August 9, 2007

Five Great Tech, SEO and Web 2.0 News and Tips Sites

Everyone knows someone that thinks they know everything. On the other hand, we've never met two IT guys (or gals) that agree on too much of anything?

Instant Internet and IT genius is here! ...
If you want to sound like you know everything, here's a few of our favorite daily 'quick-take' sites:

SEO - Early this year, the guy that started it all with launched a new venture. After a contest to find a name, some excellent blog design, and well-known contributors, Danny Sullivan's latest (and potentially the best search engine news blog currently) can be found at .

Web 2.0 Start-ups and Search Engine news - It seems the venture capital and private equity crowd is having a hard time giving out money .... so they're just giving a little to everyone?. Check out this post . Just one example. The recently 're-invented' is now in our daily top-5 must-reads. Aggregating from and numerous other 'contributors', Mashable's easy-to-absorb layout and navigation is simply elegant.

It simply never gets boring ... A little re-arranging on August 3rd, have a peek at - Cool code and aggregating a little bit of everything!.

For Tech News and Beta Junkies, another daily must-read is at
(For those of you that just found US, yes our very still simple design is a roll-out of yet another 'beta' blog :)

Some of these sites can be a little addictive. Just a warning before YOU stay up two hours a night.

Finally, we've never met Jill Whalen but somehow she was one of our original inspirations in SEO. Be sure to checkout the archives (and the new Northeast SEO group) at .

To those who faved us here and there on 'the soft launch' ... Thanks!
Hopefully, you'll find a new place in this little 'starter kit'.

Next up - The worst major site mistake of 2007 .... Stay tuned

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