Friday, August 15, 2008

The good and bad - New adopters

This blog took a swift right turn not too long ago when Louis Gray hooked my curiosity on the 'latest and greatest'.  I did a blog post on 'the upcoming change', and continued to deliver what I considered to be relevant stories (and good SEO stuff!) on the shared feed (at right).

This morning I was about to write a personal review on a piece of hardware.  First, I tried something a little different.

I searched for other peoples' reviews.  (I usually try to avoid this or checking TechMeMe before, because it can jade my view to some extent).

Early adopters (and early reviewers) were all over this piece of hardware (in early 2007!).  The articles were never updated, with ONE exception. So, if you were going to try this (now excellent and inxepensive) hardware add-on today, and you Google'd it, chances are you might not?

Not a good thing.  Maybe some of us should be revisiting our very early posts.

The advantages of being a new adopter are many.  The 'ground floor' not only gives you an easy opportunity to join a small growing community and interact (in most cases), but your input on the future of the product is usually heard as well.  (It also makes for great blog posts :).

I use the net (like many of you) for just about everything.  Yesterday, I probably saved a car dealer visit for a (dumb) check engine light problem on the Nissan. (Gas Cap not tightened? ... ugh!!!!) 

Check the dates of what you're reading.  While there are some brilliant writers out there, the posts you're reading could be outdated.

As for me ... I'm watching the crop of new 'brilliant writers' emerge on Friendfeed, and yes, Twitter ... and once a month or so, adjusting the blogroll here and/or the 'Google Shared Feed' accordingly.

What was the hardware?

Stay tuned :)

Have a great weekend all