Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mozilla intros QAC - Tool for news, bugs, more

Mozilla's new QAC tool keeps developers, contributors, and others up-to-date and provides bug reporting.

The website, at times, can be difficult to navigate.  While many portions of the website (that are promoting Firefox 3.0 as well as extensions) have been nicely re-written, others remain in the 'old format' with many pages remaining that are still somewhat out of date.

A beta solution has been introduced by Mozilla.   Mozilla QAC Beta or Quality Assurance Companion is a downloadable tool for those who wish to be part of the ongoing development community.

QAC is a Firefox extension, that provides a front end to news and forums, a Litmus tag (with help for setting up an account for those who don't yet have access to Litmus), a direct tab to Bugzilla, a tab to access 'the wacky world' of Chatzilla, and a Settings/Help tab that, as the moz team puts it is "for the confused or misconfigured" :)

The QAC info and download page can be found here .