Sunday, October 19, 2008

Social Media Rock Stars Break Out In A New Way

A trend that started almost a year ago is now breaking out more noticeably while creating new loyal group of viewers for some high profile tech websites and blogs.

Some well-known names in social media and microblogging circles are being recruited by larger, more established websites and blogs, as regular contributors.

With keen knowledge of their own 'spaces', they're not only bringing new and interesting content to larger audiences, but they're furthering their own personal branding efforts, while bringing the many friendships they have made over the years (electronic and otherwise), as fans and readers to their new 'spaces'.

I first noticed the 'crossover' some time ago when Tamar Weinberg, who had been primarily working with Barry Schwartz on Search Engine Roundtable and other SEO-related projects, began writing at Lifehacker, Mashable, as well as other well-known blogs ..... including several of her own.

About the same time, Ann Smarty, a respected and heavily networked SEO, began writing for Search Engine Journal.

The most obvious ramp-up of this latest chapter came when ReadWriteWeb enlisted the talents of Corvida, Sarah Perez, and Frederic Lardinois.  All established bloggers in their own right, with a strong presence in both the social media and microblogging spaces.

Recently, Mashable began to add to their contributing 'social roster' with articles appearing by Steven Hodson, Leslie Poston, Mark Dykeman, and just this past week, Mike Fruchter.

Sarah Perez (and I have NO IDEA where she finds the time ??) also writes for Microsoft's Channel 10.

It's a win-win for these authors as well as the publications they're now partnered with.

The interesting part is a continuing convergence of so-called Generation X and Generation X perspectives which, to me, is becoming much more important in today's times.

I wish them all continued success as one thing is obvious.  They all love what they do, and do it well.