Monday, October 13, 2008

Different times YES ... Meltdown less likely

Futures had indicated an up opening on Wall Street this morning after a weekend chock full of announcements by the world's central banks..., that they were prepared to inject cash into their respective banking systems.

A quick snapshot (click to enlarge) shortly after the opening in New York (at 9:41 ET) showed most tech and media stocks were tracking the Dow, while others were breaking away a bit (notably Viacom).  Yahoo, not shown, was lagging the others, up approx 4.5 per cent.

 Update 1:  Markets at mid-day appear to be reacting to what may be a return to some level of liquidity.
It's worth noting the change in Market cap in these companies in just 3 hours! (11:55 ET)

Update 2:

Here the same list at the end of trading today:

Here's hoping things level off a bit and we can all concentrate on continuing to innovate, explore, develop, and create.
Wishing everyone a great week (Stay cool :)