Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yahoo - another day, another employee departs

In my travels across three states the past 2 days, one of the subjects that came up often was Yahoo! (NASDAQ: YHOO). 

I was curious what people thought about the failure of the Microsoft deal, Yahoo's declining market cap, and the recent revived discussion over a Yahoo-AOL deal.

On return today, thanks to a Google Reader share from Rob Diana, I learned that Yahoo's Ian Kennedy was turning his stuff in tomorrow.

There have been a number of high profile (and not so high profile) key departures from Yahoo!, since the Microsoft deal went west and Carl Icahn joined the Yahoo! board.

Perhaps the most visible departure to the Search and SEO crowd was Jeremy Zawodny, recently married, and a long-time Yahoo! employee who left the company several months ago.

Ian Kennedy was one of those employees who consistently monitored the products that he was responsible for.  When our blog had the MyBlogLog widget installed, and inadvertently inserted it with the fly-out in the wrong direction, Ian was right there in the comments suggesting the fix. 

We wish all the best to Ian in his future endeavorsApparently already on board with Nokia.

As Rob noted in his 'share', it'll be interesting to see what role he plays in his new position.