Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Excited about Google Power Meter (and you should be too)

Yesterday's announcement from on the Official Google Blog about their new PowerMeter initiative caught me somewhat off guard.

It was very exciting for me as I've been watching and learning in this space for the past few months.  I even e-mailed a few Googlers to find out more, and see if there was any way I could remotely get in on the 'closed beta'.

Some of you may remember last month when I threw a free plug to a friend who is literally all over this stuff.  In fact, he posted a video a while back to the President and also a blog post to Google, urging them to get involved.

Since then, it may have appeared that the website, HomeEnergyResource has been stagnating.

It hasn't. 

Peter is (very) passionate about this space but I didn't know if the new re-branded website was OK to talk about yet.  (There's still a bunch of products and numerous features to be added).

The purpose of this post is to let you know how HUGE Google's initiative actually is (for all of us) .... because, well, I've already been there.

I've not only been using one of the currently available energy monitors (cool video) but I also bought some of the other products as well.

Those who have read this blog know I'm basically cheap ?! ... and I don't 'throw money away' :).

Up until the last few days, it's been a very (very!) cold winter here in beautiful Central Pennsylvania.

My electric bill AND oil consumption are a fraction (no exaggeration) of what they were last year.

It'll be a while until Google manages to roll-out this project in various parts of the country (or the world?) but similar inexpensive products are here now.

They work.

Improvements in technology have made power meters, energy monitors, smart powerstrips and many other fuel (and carbon) saving devices incredibly inexpensive.

I phoned Peter this morning.  I very simply wanted to catch the buzz and tell my readers that the technology is here.  He gave me the green light to unleash  It's is open and can be found here.

(For you SEO types, the old site will become a 301 later this week ....)

I've used a little less than 200 gallons of oil this year (hot air), and, well, 60+/- electric bills?!

Yes the lights are ON and I'm NOT freezing .....

Proof! Here's a quick (rather bad) photo of the current monthly electric bill :

Yes, it says $66.29!

In these times, I know there are many of you looking to save wherever you can.

Peter's team was outright excited about the Google announcement.  It'll take some time but it's a HUGE step in the right direction. His personal focus is larger and encompasses fuel consumption and many other areas where the average person can save and he's got a great team working with him.

So kudos to Google (and personal thanks to the one Googler who responded on the spot last night!)

Go on over to the new Energy Circle website.  Take a few minutes to watch some of the videos.  They're really excellent ...  You'll be glad you did.

We can all do our part.  The cool thing is, in the long run, we're saving money.

Update 1: Peter has chimed in with his own thoughts on the energy savings landscape and Google PowerMeter.  The blog post can be found here.
Update 2:  March 3, 2009 (Me ... a disclosure?) Being excited about the prospects, I will be doing some 'light consulting' with Energy Circle soon..... and yes, the 'no follow' tags are in place :)