Saturday, February 14, 2009

Getting your site included in Google News

So you have a great blog or website that delivers news. Your audience is growing. You've worked hard and you're proud of the results.

In our world (tech), you've already been showcased on TechMeMe, numerous social networks and Blogburst has delivered your content to a variety of mainstream media places.

Now, you're probably looking for more exposure.

The major news blogs didn't cover this story because, well, if you were them, would you? The last thing they want right now is competition.

How about getting your content spidered by Google News? With Universal Search, that might put YOU one or two clicks away from the main Google Search page!

Being included in Google News isn't tremendously hard. Staying there (or near the top) might be.

On Wednesday, Abe Epton delivered a great piece on the Google News blog:

Eight Ways to Help Google News Better Crawl Your Site.

Some of the suggestions can (and probably should) could be used in general SEO. The post goes on to explain a variety of 'Google News specific' things you should to to make your site easy for the Google News spider to read.

I've written a number of articles about 'each space bringing a potential new audience' but how about just one day at the top of Google News?

Yes, it could be HUGE.

There are a variety of tips which include formatting, sitemaps and more.

If your content is really good, hopefully unique (or a unique perspective), why shouldn't you be right up there with 'the big guys'?

The Google News blog post can be found here.

Check it out.

Who knows. YOUR byline could be next.