Sunday, February 8, 2009

Five Free SEO Resources that you can count on.

There are thousands of SEO blogs and websites on the Internet.

A question I get often is 'Who do you trust?'

It's difficult to answer but the fact remains that SEO IS an important part of your marketing mix (and there's absolutely nothing wrong with helping the search engines find websites that belong in the top-10).

In the past weeks and months, there have been a few notable articles and papers published on the 'net as well as other free resources, many of which have withstood the test of time.

It was difficult to pair this list down to five but here's my take on a few you should visit:

1) Google published their own FREE guide to SEO a few months ago.  The paper (Note: This is a PDF) can be found here.  (Read it!)

2) This past week, Jill Whalen wrote a very concise piece at Search Engine Land. It's fast reading can be found here.

3) Within Jill's post, you'll find a link to Vanessa Fox's new 'Office Hours' on .  The base page is here (and if there's one young lady that lives and breathes SEO and search, it's Vanessa).  More about Office Hours can be found at here.

4) One of the original aggregators of major SEO websites is called SEOmash.  Check it out here (Every day isn't a bad idea ...).

5) Finally, AllTop, the mega-aggregator from Guy Kawasaki and company has an SEO category here (and you may even find this piece .... there :)

Have a great week all ... Hope this helps!