Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Firefox quietly updates to new version

Mozilla quietly rolled out an update to the stable (non-beta) version of Firefox earlier this evening.

This latest version addresses a common stability issue and fixes a problem with how updates are presented to users.

The new official release is version 3.5.7.  If you use the browser, you should be prompted to upgrade or you can hit 'help' at the top of the address bar, then 'Check for Upgrades'.

(The older Firefox 3.0.16 has also been upgraded to 3.0.17)

Firefox recently delayed their upgrade schedule but did release a second 3.6 Beta and continues to update nightly builds of beta version 3.6b6 (still code-named Namoroka) at their FTP site.

Mac OS X, Windows and Linux Versions of Firefox 3.5.7 are now available for download here.  There is a large selection of localized language versions, in addition to several new beta language versions (which may still exhibit some translation errors).

Firefox maintains the No. 2 spot in the current field of web browsers behind Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Google's Chrome Browser has been seeing fast adoption and recently passed Apple's Safari to take the No. 3 user spot.

Some testers have also noted an improvement in recent weeks in Google's new Public DNS, particularly when used with Chrome and / or when directed to Google owned websites.

Chrome-based direct desktop icons to Gmail, Google Docs and Google Calendar are also now part of the latest selection of free software at Google Pack.