Thursday, January 21, 2010

Firefox, Seesmic to drop new products today

Both Mozilla and Seesmic are dropping new products later today.

Seesmic Look will be introduced in New York City at 9 AM at a mini-conference to be located at the Times Center.  The launch will be "live everywhere in video" as well.

The new product designed 'to help Twitter go mainstream' and touted as 'very close to watching TV' not only sounds interesting, but may be monetized already as apparently a variety of partners, media and brands are already onboard according to an e-mail sent a few days ago.

Numerous speakers are on hand for the launch of Seesmic Look and you can watch the conference at the Seesmic website here.

Also confirmed for release later today is the long-anticipated final version of Firefox 3.6 Final.  Currently in Release Candidate 2, this latest version of Firefox will mostly likely become an automatic upgrade for users using the current stable version 3.5.7.

Mozilla's Firefox website will no doubt have the details in a few hours here.

Update: Jan 21, 2010 - 9 PM ET:  Details on the new Firefox Version 3.6 can now be found here.