Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's not a new TV series - Google vs. China - It's very real

In what only can be characterized as another HUGE chapter in online and corporate transparency, a post earlier today on the Official Google Blog pitted the search giant against the Government of China (while potentially forfeiting, for now, one of the fastest growing markets in the world).

The announcement which has been covered by numerous publications at this point was simply unprecedented to the general public.

Google (as well as numerous other corporations) were attacked by Chinese hackers apparently seeking information on Chinese dissidents over the past months. Google outlined much of this activity in their post.

The company's response? No more censorship of search results in China (as often requested by the Chinese Government), willingness to talk, as well as willingness to shutdown Google.cn altogether should it become necessary.

Google just last week reaffirmed it's commitment to 'open' with the hiring of Chris Messina.

With the company's continued growth (as well as challenging both Apple and Microsoft in a much bigger way), there's also no doubt that Google is keenly aware it doesn't want to cross the line of the company's mantra ... "Do no evil".

Millions already trust Google's various online services, and it is that trust that must be preserved as one of the ingredients looking forward to cloud computing and the upcoming release of the Google OS ..... not to mention the mobile operating system that is gaining steam by the day, Android.

While some may perceive 'trust' and 'open' differently, one thing is certain.

While global cyber-warfare is nothing new, Google just took awareness to a whole new level.

Reactions from governments, companies, and most-importantly, the citizens of the world over the next few days should be fascinating to watch.

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