Friday, April 2, 2010

Twitter creates their own (HUGE) problem

Despite numerous initiatives by Twitter to remove spammers from the service, their latest innovation exposes just that .... and it's serious, very serious.

While it's no secret that spammers (or worse) jump on Twitter's trending topics, I decided to log out (to the relatively new Twitter front page) and click on some of the trending topics.

The result?  A slew of NSFW spammers under various topics. 

Not so good for the kids .... but it gets worse, and my intuition was right on.

I clicked on a few to see what would happen.  In both cases, the spammer link attempted to load malware to my PC.  In my case, it wasn't too hard to get rid of.  For the average, everyday PC user?  This IS a serious problem. (One was really nasty!).

Advice for now?

1) Don't click unless you know what you're clicking (Good advice in general ?!).
2) Use a client app like TweetDeck or Seesmic
3) Log in before using the Twitter homepage.

Most of you know I don't write sensational posts.  This needs to be fixed ... now .... or Twitter should revert back to the old front page for the time being.