Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wibiya Scores 2M Financing and Integrates Facebook Like Button

Israeli startup Wibiya today announced 5 tools to support the all-new Facebook platform (including the 'Like' function that wasn't immediately made available to everyone by Facebook).

They also announced a 2 million dollar round of financing from Primera Capital (yesterday).

Wibiya was on the forefront off 'bottom bars' for blogs and websites and has appeared here almost since the outset.  It's easy to implement code and multiple (and useful) functions just keep getting better.

Wibiya's product has continued to move across the web and now can be seen on a variety of high profile publications as well as personal blogs.

A short time ago, I tested the new 'Like' function (here to my Facebook account) and, as long as you are on a specific blog post, it works instantly.

In a fashion that Facebook very much wants the web-based 'like button' to work, clicking on my 'Like' redirected a Facebook user (almost instantly) via Facebook to the previous article here. 

There are numerous other plug-in apps, most free, other than you see in use here ..... although the Twitter integration continues to be an outright win.