Monday, September 6, 2010

Revisiting Free Stuff from Google

Over the past few years, it's a safe bet that Google has probably delivered more free products to users than anyone else.

While Microsoft was the early player in this game, trouncing Netscape by giving away Internet Explorer 'back in the day' ... Google continues to deliver (and update) gobs of cool, productive and interesting products and software.

Recently the company updated the directory of their products (and even added the newer icons being used in Google news and other pages).

I decided to try a few that I didn't already have loaded and revisit a few others.  There's been a lot of progress mostly on the positive side (although I still miss the 'old' Google News).

We all have different tastes but there's a little something for everyone.

I found PC Tools Spyware Doctor (in Google Pack) coexists nicely with Microsoft's (Free) Security Essentials, and nicely exposes those tracking cookies you may be wondering about.

If you didn't read about Google Realtime this past week, you can give that a spin.

The latest version of Picasa is an outright win, and you can spend a day or two addicted to the latest version of Google Earth.

Quick trip to Paris?  About 20 seconds or so :)

So where can you find this stuff (and a LOT more).

The Directory can be found here.

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