Thursday, July 16, 2009

Google Reader - Glitch or not?

Google Reader is one of the first things I look at each day.
(You can subscribe to my list of current subscriptions anytime from the link in the right column).

As more and more people discover the new features unleashed yesterday in Google Reader, a few are beginning to appear in my 'left column'.  Initially I'm 'green lighting' all of them just to see what I've been missing (and trying to avoid information overload at the same time :).

So far, I really 'like' the new community features ....

As always, there are a LOT of smart people out there and discovering all of them would take up a greater part of anyone's lifetime, even with all the tools available.  This is new and should be interesting to watch.

I'm already growing a small list of new people to follow on Twitter, Facebook and Friendfeed while at the same time offloading many that no longer update or just don't talk about stuff that I'm interested in.

I've always liked the 'Like' feature that first appeared on Friendfeed then migrated to Facebook and now has been embraced by Google Reader, so I decided to 'like' a few posts this morning.

Then came the all-serious acid test.  The same test I threw at Facebook when they implemented 'likes' (and cracked a few 'friends' up in the process).

Here's your big chance to Like Yourself!
Either Google has complete respect for your ego .... or somehow this slipped through :)