Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Google's PR machine goes into overdrive (Updated)

I honestly can't remember a time when Google has made the amount of product and service announcements as they have in the past two weeks.  Some were subtle, others very direct.

Regardless, Google has managed to be in the headlines (in a myriad of spaces) almost every day.

The 'Wave' continues ....

For well over two weeks, Google Wave has been 'trending' on Twitter.  

The team has been sending invites to existing users on a fairly regular basis and 'techie curiosity', as always, is running at a fever pitch.  I gave a few away back here, and just today received 30 more.  The 'buzz' on this product continues.  The invite-only roll-out is HOT, very hot.

In a salute to Veterans Day, the Google Voice team announced a partnership with Blue Star Families. (Unless I was sleeping, this important initiative was barely covered by anyone?!).

The headline today (actually announced yesterday along with the launch of a special website) is that Google is paying your Wi-Fi bill at numerous airports.  This program is hitting the main stream media like a bullet ... (and probably will be 'sticky' for a week or more).

Google's new integrated dashboard, announced last week, helped calm the fears of privacy advocates (and also helped users correct a lot of old data!).

Most likely hitting a completely different audience (and probably a coincidence), Google VP Marissa Mayer made Glamour Magazine's Women of the Year list.  (Think techies still wear goggle glasses? .... That stereotype is history :)

Late yesterday, the Picasa team announced a dramatic price decrease in storage fees (Hello Flickr??) along with some of the same from the Gmail team.

The Google Latitude team also announced an enhancement yesterday.  You may want to look over your shoulder for this one.... :)

On top of all of this, Google's open-source Android operating system made it's largest appearance on the scene yet with the release of two Android powered phones in the US by Verizon.  The Motorola Droid (very cool animation) and HTC's ERIS.

Like downloading music? Here's another surprise partnering announcement last week.

There's actually more.  Yes, Google is firing on all cylinders.

It's readily apparent that Google wants very much to be looking at you this holiday season ... or more importantly, they want as many people as possible .... looking at them.

After one of the most dynamic years in tech history that I can remember, I can only begin to imagine what's next from Mountainview .... and their competitors.

Finally ... If you have the opportunity.  Take a minute to Thank a Vet today. You'll feel good about it and so will they.


Update: A few moments ago, Google announced yet another feature, this time for the main index.  Parents, educators and others can now lock 'SafeSearch'.  Details have been posted to the Official Google Blog here.