Thursday, December 3, 2009

Google - Search in other languages ... easily!

The World Wide Web just got a little 'worldlier' with an announcement from Google a short time ago.

While still somewhat (and admittedly) experimental and needing some fine tuning, Google is rolling out a global translate service for their main search index over the next 24 hours.

Pretty cool stuff.

Example: If you're in Spain, and you don't speak Spanish, Google will now automatically translate your query (at your request) so that you can not only see the 'English' version results (for us Americans) but the Spanish returns for your query, which typically would be different.

If all of this works, it could be one of the most significant announcements Google has made in some time. "Search in 51 languages and display up to 5 at a time".


While it's still possible to access or , or any number of the localized country versions of Google from here in the US, I seriously doubt many do ... and for that matter ... there's a good chance those results are different as well.

We've been using Google Translate here on SEO and Tech Daily since it's introduction (for turn-key insertion in blogs). It's simply a given that it broadens your audience.

Now Google is introducing that technology directly to the Google search page.

A more in-depth explanation of the feature can be found on the Official Google Blog here.

Although a rather subtle start, there are global communications implications to this change and I, for one, am anxious to see how it all works.

Caio ... :)


Update 2 - Dec 3 8:47 PM ET