Monday, February 15, 2010

Google and Yahoo are indexing Google Buzz

You've probably read already that Google Buzz has gone through a few 'privacy issues'.

The 'team' responded. There have been two updates to better protect those who don't want the visibility but do want to use the product.

You might want to think about reading both updates before wandering into Buzz land ... NOW.


Your 'buzzes' may very well be appearing in the Main Google Search Index and also Yahoo! (So far, no Bing).

On a hunch, I did a vanity search a little while ago: "Charlie Anzman Buzz".



Now, here's the good news.

Google not only appears to be all over this but Googlers are addressing the issues almost in real-time on Buzz (just like Bret Taylor did as Friendfeed was emerging).  It's not only refreshing but should be comforting to some.

I'm currently only following two Googlers on Buzz but it didn't take more than an hour for Rick Klau to chime in on my note about spammers already proliferating the product:

Looks to me like Buzz is very much here to stay (and Google very much wants it to be a WIN)!