Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Apple Addresses Safari Bug and Adds Extensions

It's kind of easy to imagine the reaction in Cupertino, just a couple of weeks after the 'iPhone bumper crisis' when numerous tech publications reported a serious security flaw in Apple's browser .... Safari.

Today, in classic Apple style, not only did they announce a fix with the release of Safari 5.0.1 .... but the company coupled it with a 'product announcement' of sorts.

Apple has added 'extensions' to Safari along with a brand new extension gallery.

Extensions have been popular with the Firefox crowd for years and a whole new crop have been developed for Google's Chrome browser.  Microsoft, on the other hand, has not embraced the idea with either Internet Explorer 8 or the upcoming IE9.

Bottom line.

Fix your Safari.

You can download the complete package for OS X or Windows here. (Be sure and read the system requirements).

You can also preview some of the all-new extensions in the Safari Extensions Gallery here.

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