Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another New Toy for Gmail Users

If there's one thing that Google's Gmail users can count on, it's not only ongoing development, but coders 'playing with new toys' within the product .... for you to try first .... in 'Labs'.

(Note: Labs add-ons are available on numerous Google products)

A hodgepodge of experimental features (and just some fun stuff) that Googlers try out first in Labs. Turn them on or off.  It's up to you.

Some even make it as permanent features, or as Google calls it ... "graduate" :)

Clicking Labs in Gmail greets you with the title "Gmail Labs : Some Crazy Experimental Stuff".

Productivity, fun ... and a little tongue-in-cheek like the lab feature that lets you return Gmail to Beta (in case you miss it).

Each time the team launches a new one, it usually makes it quickly to the Gmail Blog, and this evening is no exception with the announcement of Smart Mute, which can be read about in the actual blog post here.

For me, it's another opportunity (or reminder) to re-visit 'Labs' and tweak my own settings.

This latest visit was eye opening.

Be sure and check out 'Labs' at the top of your Gmail screen ... there's some neat stuff waiting ....

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