Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stuff I've been ignoring - Get the feed!

For the few of you that were with us back in August, you'll remember most of the content on this blog had to do with SEO, PPC and website marketing.

It is 'the world' I still live in.

I took particular pride (and made a lot of 'friends') by pointing to the best live blogging sites for various meetups, conventions, and industry trade gatherings.

Hey, there's a lot of people that simply can't afford the trip (or entrance fee) and the industry was bringing it to you anyway. I wanted to help you find it. (and saved the earth a little jet fuel?).

Remember ... Face-to-face still wins the race (really), so if you can make it to PodCamp, SMX, SES, Mixx, or one of the many other get togethers, do it!

Then, I got off on this lifestreaming kick (Hey, this stuff is neat?!). A cool niche. LOTS of new readers (and subscribers) ... and fascinating breaking technology.
It stays here.

So here's the scoop ... better late than never.

The best stuff, in my humble opinion, will appear here and / or on busier days, in the Google shared reader feed (which you can subscribe too .. ugh .. for free? :) or find echoed on Friendfeed, ReadBurner, RSSMeMe, LinkRiver and in a bunch of other places. In fact, today, you'll find (a little late) a link to Lisa Barone's live blogging of SMX Social. A must read for almost all of us and her style makes it fun.


That's it. A day away from Twitter for me :)

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