Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gmail and Methadone? Huh?

Apparently I was among several thousand Gmail users (or more) this morning that awoke to .... "huh?".

I did what I usually do in a case like this and came right here.  Google Trends has been in the right column for some time and last week I decided to embed TwitScoop there as well.

Here's what the two looked like at 7:15 AM Eastern Time today:

Apparently, the Jonas Brothers and Methadone are trending on Google too?
There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Methadone (or the Jonas Brothers) had anything to do with the morning's Gmail outage.
The good news?  Apparently Gmail is now returning (although Gchat seems to still be 'on hold').
The word from Google:

A few weeks ago, Sarah Perez posted this question on Friendfeed: "Do you trust the cloud?".

Update 8:30 AM:  Most US Gmail (and Gchat) accounts are now returning and Google has an informational post at the Official Google Blog here.

Update 2: Google has posted an additional update on this morning's outage to to the Official Google Blog here