Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just Bing and Wave! (Update 1)

Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to do an extensive blog post today (It never fails?).

On the other hand, at this hour ... hundreds of others already have (see below).

The buzz is hot from both Google and Microsoft and is more than overshadowing news from Hulu and elsewhere.

I'll share some of the key stories and press releases in our shared feed (lower right) shortly.

Bing it is for Microsoft's new search launch (with a whole family of ''Baby Bings' ... including the re-branding of numerous products, and Bing Travel born out of the Farecast acquisition ...) and from Google, it's Google Wave which by all accounts looks like it has the potential to take 'real-time' (ala FriendFeed) and social networking  to a whole new dimension.

This is not just exciting 'geek stuff'.  It is, very possibly, 'the next big thing' as well as another huge web marketing shift.

So much for the so-called echo chamber .... There are plenty of 'takes' at this hour. Pick up a few of your favorite publications (free) at TechMeMe here :)

Update: I thought a few of you might find the below screenshot a little more than interesting.
Yes, Bing is buying PPC (Pay-per-click ads) on Google!

edited 9 PM ET 5/28/2009