Sunday, May 17, 2009

Google moving to new Adwords Console

Google Adwords PPC (pay per click) buyers began receiving notices by e-mail that effective in 30 days,  the online Adwords interface will be migrated to the new 'look', which is currently in Beta.

As mentioned here, I have been using the newer console since it's introduction.

On the surface, it appears Google is simplifying many of their online offerings including Adwords, to make it easier for the 'non-tech' audience.

Google might want to be looking for a little feedback on the timing of this transition.

It's likely that many existing users could get caught off guard.  (This happened to tens of thousands of  disgruntled users a few years back, when Yahoo! moved to their Panama platform ..... leaving many wandering to re-group).

Google's Adwords change is generally positive, not as dramatic as what Yahoo! did, and does make the program easier to manage while offering numerous 'quick' features.

Google has also been selectively previewing a new look at Google Webmaster Tools (formerly Google Webmaster Central).

It appears currently that on or about June 15, the new Adwords online inferface will become the default.

If you haven't received the e-mail or tested the beta, the time to get used to it is NOW.

Update:  A preview of the new adwords console for those that wish to check it out outside of Adwords can be found here.