Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Fix is In - Firefox moves to Version 3.5.2

The latest version of Firefox 3.5 (Version 3.5.2) has just started reaching users here in the US via automatic upgrade.

While the browser continued to grow it's market share last month, there were numerous reports (mostly from those using earlier Mac's) concerning stability of the newer, faster generation Mozilla browser.

Late yesterday, Mozilla released Firefox Version 3.5.2 addressing many stability as well as security issues.

If you haven't been upgraded yet, Firefox users can simply tap 'Help' at the top of the browser, then 'Check for Updates'. Most users (than haven't gone back to 3.0.12) should see an automatic upgrade soon.

The multiple language and various platform download page for new installs can be found here ..... and the latest release notes here.

A new, easier to navigate add-on gallery (sortable by version) is also now online here (with lots of updated and new extensions).

Update 1: 4 PM ET Aug 4 - The older version of Firefox that some people went back to and/or are still using has also been upgraded to version 3.0.13.  A post is now up on the Mozilla blog here.