Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Google Chrome - It's a brand new beta (Update 3)

 A short time ago, Googler Glen Murphy introduced the latest beta of Google's Chrome browser on the Google Chrome Blog.

Chrome Version Beta adds a variety of enhancements and features including some implimentation of HTML 5, support for the just-out Chrome themes, optimization of the Omnibox as well as an up to 30% improvement in overall speed.

There are currently three versions of Google Chrome. The stable edition, the beta edition (for testers) and the 'dev' channel (for developers).

You need to be on the beta channel for this one (Although in some cases, you can simply overwrite your current version with a fresh download).

There was also a strange anomaly in other versions of Chrome which made the browser incompatible with Google owned Blogger.

I'm happy to say, this post was written with Chrome (IE: It works but still needs a 'little' tuning :).

The Google Chrome blog post with lots more information can be found here.

Update: The Chrome Beta piece has also now been crossposted to the Official Google Blog here.

Update 2: (Aug 7, 2009) The Chrome Dev Channel Browser has now been updated as well.  Details on version can be found here.

Update 3: (Aug 18, 2009) All three versions of Chrome are now carrying 4.0 version designations with improved compatibility and more.