Monday, January 4, 2010

CBS is missing a simple mark

The ongoing consolidation of computers, music, newspapers and television apparently has more than a few executives confused.

I suppose it's easy.

With 'real-time' (being driven mostly by Twitter) becoming hotter every day and 3 services now dominating the so-called Web 2.0 landscape - Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

While the original formula is still (for now) the best to 'grab eyeballs' on the Internet (SEO + PPC + Social Media engagement), the multi-media mix continues to have a huge effect on what people do.

A look at Google Trends or Twitscoop (both at right) on any evening in prime-time and it becomes more than obvious that TV still very much drives search.

So what's with the title?

It's been some time since CBS bought CNET Networks.

For a LONG time, CNET has owned the web address NEWS.COM.

The URL is still a redirect to the CNET Technology News homepage.

This isn't rocket science.

If YOU were CBS and had a large NEWS organization, wouldn't you LOVE to own NEWS.COM?

You might even be tempted to pay big money for it??

Maybe it's in their playbook but what's taking so long?

While Google News, Alltop, PopUrls and other headline aggregators are stealing the thunder of pageviews .... and everyone's busy Twittering for the 'first read' on breaking stories, CBS is losing a lot of action here.

Technology pundits everywhere hit TechMeMe several times a day.  I doubt the same can be said the any of the CNET sites.

How many people would you guess just type in

I'm guessing the number is high.

Maybe it's me ... or the holidays .. but shouldn't land at ?... or even a brand-new  'centralized Internet News Site' powered by CBS?

Just another thought as we enter this decade of hyper-change ...