Thursday, January 14, 2010

UPDATED: That Map? - There May Be A New Price For That

Verizon is holding a webcast tomorrow morning which, according to reports, may be to announce new pricing that 'could' result in many paying more for their wireless service.

The question becomes:

Is Verizon concerned about maxing out their network as they continue to roll-out smartphones? 

The new pricing plan that was posted earlier to BGR seems to unfairly target voice and text users using  advanced devices that don't quite make it to the so-called smartphone category.  If the story turns out to be the actual plan tomorrow, existing users will be grandfathered, but those who make changes and/or start new contracts could see new data fees that didn't previously apply to them.

It seems to us that those who have remained loyal to the carrier but don't choose to upgrade are being forced to unfairly subsidize those who begin to use the network to access the Internet on a frequent basis (and help pay for any needed expansion).

UPDATE: (Jan 15 9:30 AM ET)  Despite headlines this morning of Verizon lowering prices, it appears that the original post to BGR is accurate. While some rates will go down (unlimited voice/text plans), smartphones and web-enabled phones will see the new data charge, all pricing is being streamlined while existing plans are being 'grandfathered'.

UPDATE 2 (Jan 15 10 AM)  Verizon will be not only simplifying it pricing plans on Monday but also (confirmed) will be dropping the amount of phones offered from 80 to approx 50 according to a company spokesman.  "All of these changes are intended to reduce the load on our customer service staff while continuing to provide the kind of service that people have become accustomed to from Verizon Wireless".

The Verizon Press Release has now been posted online here.