Sunday, June 13, 2010

Google Chrome Extensions - Another Marketing Channel?

Google's Chrome Web Browser has been slowly gaining market share since it's introduction.

The lightweight and highly compatible browser is best known for it's speed, which has recently been improved ... in most cases still commanding a (speed) lead over the recently released new version of Apple's Safari, Firefox and Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Developers have flocked to the API and the 'Extension' gallery is growing exponentially.

A couple of days ago, I noticed the Huffington Post pushing their 'own' Chrome extension.

This is what it looked like tonight.  Instant audience if you push the install button?! (Click to enlarge):

Carefully grouped with other social and micro-blogging platforms, they realize the very simple premise that every and any new channel could bring a new audience and most can be implemented without taking away from your content (or ads).

Apparently Google has noticed too.  I revisited the extension Gallery a short time ago after reading this Buzz post by Googler Matt Cutts. HuffPo is the featured extension (with almost 19,000 users already) :

The simple advantage of 'early adoption' is the head start.  Anyone that used Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, or many other social environments in the very early stages can probably tell you some great networking  stories.  You're more visible when the community is still relatively small.

I re-wrote this post a bit before I posted it after reading Robert Scoble's post on Google Buzz.

While Buzz still has a way to go, it's still a 'relatively' small community.  You can have fun ... network ... etc ... It's up to you .... but chances are ...You will be noticed and engaged, especially if you integrate the Google Reader sharing feature (which now not only appears at the right here but in my Buzz as well).

It just makes sense.