Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The New Hotmail Takes a Lesson From Facebook (Update)

Microsoft's Live Wave 4 (and the new Hotmail) began it's roll-out in numerous countries this morning.

Apparently, Microsoft has picked up on an important lesson from the recent Facebook debacle.

Logging on briefly this morning, I was greeted with this:
Yes, it was right there .... before I could get much further.

While some new set-up cues might be considered a little confusing ... for the most part, you don't need instructions (or a lot of time) to set up the new MSN, LIVE, or HOTMAIL account you are about to get.

Keep in mind if you haven't visited your old inbox lately that Windows Live incorporates numerous social networks and you want to set those settings carefully and/or to your liking.

More on what's going to appear today in 'Wave 4' can be found here on Liveside.net where they've been watching this build and roll-out closely.

Update:  More information has now been posted to the Windows blog here.