Sunday, October 17, 2010

Google and Techmeme Break News Simultaneously

I was taking a brief read of the headlines for Monday (Sunday night) on Google News when I noticed something new.  A red tag depicting 'Breaking News':

I clicked and wandered over to tomorrow's edition of the Wall Street Journal to see who the Female  'Models of Sadness' were .... and why it was breaking news??

Firstly, whatever Google is experimenting with, the link took me to an article about .. ugh ... Facebook.  I   double checked it (with cookies cleared) on several browsers ... before it disappeared entirely.

The WSJ Facebook article was a new chapter in the ongoing Facebook privacy issue discussion ... so I tweeted it to my personal stream.  It was news.

When it appeared in my Twitter stream, it looked this way in TweetDeck:

Techmeme had auto-posted the Facebook story about the same time I did both to their main stream and the Techmeme firehouse.

Nothing about those models of sadness though. 

This is all getting weird.

I'll usually turn to Techmeme and my Google Reader collection for updates on the latest a couple of times a day.

This time, I had decided to go for a general news overview at Google News. (I've made no secret of the fact that I liked the 'old' Google News a LOT better than the 'try to fill the page up with everything we can' version).  That hasn't changed.

What apparently has is that Google News is now 'breaking' aggregated news, or at least trying to.

Have to wonder what the reaction to this is going to be .... and how long it'll take to fix it? :)

The other question, of course, is .... Is Google News using Techmeme to break .. ugh ... breaking news?

Think I better leave it there? ... :)

Good week all!

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