Monday, October 4, 2010

What is Google TV ?

Chances are you've heard about one of new and somewhat ambitious initiatives from the leader in search.  Google has been prepping Google TV , but up until now the details have been sketchy.

Earlier today, Google announced (a lot) more on the relatively new Google TV blog.

Details?  There's also now lots more on an all-new Google TV website.

A barrage of high profile content partners and two different ways to get it.

We know that broadband Internet is the new delivery system.  The question still remains unclear what devices (or devices) will dominate user habits.

While the world seems concentrated on mobile for now, there are numerous ways that people will interact with the Internet over the next few years.  In fact, the predominant device many in fact end up being bigger than any single web service or social network.

Apple has already showed that it's not just the software.  The hardware and various 'twists' such as the iPod and iPad have changed the landscape.

It's just the beginning.  It is also the most important phase in the next chapter of the Internet.

It appears Google is covering all bases with a rather impressive launch today (and a pretty cool website :)

Here's one of the videos demonstrating some of the upcoming Google TV apps:

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