Monday, January 7, 2008

Eric Ward gloats - the mandatory reading list continues

Today brings another addition to our 'mandatory reading list'. We think most of you will agree.

Eric Ward, better known as 'Link Moses' to many, wrote an all-important piece at Search Engine Land today.

While the 'black-hats' (and a few SEO snake oil salespeople) continue reeling over Google's recent SERP realignment (and while we concede that it wasn't without a few 'blips' that need to be corrected), the FACT is that the technology has caught up with the well-documented basic rules of SEO. Not just Google's rules. Rules that have been discussed and proven for many years.

References to what Eric has been preaching can be found on Google blogs and others as early as 2004.

This has been a hot button issue since last month when MANY top-10 websites literally dissipated, some buying the dreaded Google -40 or -90 penalty. The reality is that most of these websites bought into 'easy linking', the algorithm caught up, and the story was told.

The next time someone calls (this especially applies to the Travel and Real Estate spaces!), offering you this 'great new link network', read this piece by Eric Ward first.

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