Friday, January 4, 2008

In the Marketing Mix - Social Networking translates into ROI

Many smaller companies are recognizing the importance (and outright nominal cost) of social networking in their marketing mix. This trend will continue and increase well into 2008.

Yesterday, I pointed to Mahalo as an interesting property. The reason I wrote a piece about Mahalo again (and logged on and played with it for a bit) was that founder Jason Calacanis has personally been very busy reminding us about Mahalo on Twitter, several times a day. He's visible on Facebook and other social forums as well. I also found it interesting that Veronica Belmont (formerly of CNET) was now with Mahalo. I tapped both of them in Facebook at they were both right back. That's important. Keep the buzz alive, your name and your company.

Looking back at 2007, it really was all about 'the buzz'. Facebook knew how to attract press at the right time. TONS of new users logged on. Facebook was no longer just the social network of the 'university set'. As it now says right now on the log-in page "Anyone can join".

Press alone can dramtically increase your personal or company's valuation at any particular time.

Mainstream buzz translates into users (or customers). Mike Arrington of TechCrunch has already crossed all lines and is often quoted in the mainstream press, major industry online (and offline) magazines, TV and more. TechCrunch, at least right now, is practically the start-up news website of record. The sometimes controversial Arrington calls them as he sees them.

Which brings us to search engines and trust. The search engines (and yes, Google) love it when they KNOW they can trust a site. Explain your mission, tell a bit about who you are and, if possible, a little about your history. Who are you?

It's called credibility and it's something that everyone should be thinking about in their SEO program. Keep it honest, network as much as you can, and the readers (and possibly profits?) will follow.

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