Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Two things you can do when you have writer's block

We've all been there.

You're want to do a post to your blog but you've got Blogger's Block!

While there's plenty of material, your personal flair just isn't there.

Here's two useful things you can do, when you just can't (or probably shouldn't) write:

1) SHARE: You add value to your own blog or website when you share. My own shares (lower right) are hand selected once or twice a day and reflect what I feel are some of the best or most-informative articles that day in 'our' space. They also appear right here, giving readers a quick take on SEO, SEM, Web 2.0, Lifestreaming and more. I update my subscriptions about once every two weeks (Things are always changing!!) and the blogroll about once a month.

So, if you can't find it here ... you usually still can?

Of course, once you've started sharing a bit, your shares will be found on RSSMeMe, LinkRiver, Friendfeed, the 'new' ReadeBurner (Check Readburner's new Netvibes integration), and other places. Maybe even TechMeme! So, once you've fine-tuned it, be sure and share your share.

Of course, if someone else shares your share, you may end up in even more places.


The best part. You can head on over to Friendfeed and see of anyone liked, or commented on your 'share'.... and best of all, it's not time consuming.

2) Reverse the process. Go over to Friendfeed and let someone else know that you appreciated or liked their share. It's good for you (your name's right there), and it's great for the person sharing the story. It's as easy as tapping the 'Like' button (You may want to read the story first :)

80 degrees (F) here in North Central PA today.
Off to share ... a tennis match :)

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