Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Comcast's Fancast open to all

Comcast's Fancast video streaming website, which began in beta in January is turning up the heat (and using Twitter to do it!).

Fancast is essentially a front end to Hulu (I LOVE Hulu! :), but it also adds some additional programming, as well as a TV programming guide and other features.

Logging on tonight, I expected to see "You are not in our viewing area" when I entered my zip code. Instead, it provided me with several choices (including DirecTv and Dish Network satellite listings).

Like Hulu itself, navigation was a no brainer, but as opposed to other online TV listing websites, it was nice to be able to flip from TV listings to on-demand online video ... and the extraordinary, constantly growing library at Hulu.

You can check out FanCast here.